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  • yl76 yl76 Dec 4, 1997 2:27 PM Flag

    ----------Who will double or triple?


    When millions of investors put their money into market and trade frantically in 97, I'm always wondering which stocks could really reach the goal of double in the middle of Jan,1998? I asked experts, engineers, investment veterans--------they aren't sure. I looked into balance sheets and income state. of online trading competitors: account growth rate, everyday trading volumes from Oct.27 to Dec.1, basic P/E, outlooks. Who will blow away the First Call in Jan. and Apr.?

    Etrade and Ameritrade will? They answered me possibly, not sure, too quick. Which one exactly? They said depends on how fluctuate the world market is. I hate this sort of answer---------the market is fluctuating enough! They said, that's the answer, the more unstable things happen the more they earn, today or 1998.

    It's really bizarre that Motley Fool enbraces Charles Schwarb today, since they understand anyone who reads financial news and has a PC wants less exposure(speed), less commission($7,8 or 29), reasonable P/E in the wacko market, and down-to-earth thinking for years.

    Investment is an interesting puzzle in your own hands, and in any history? Everyone is waiting for the answers from time, people, and enterprise. Who will double in 99? Let's see..