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  • wmtomlinson wmtomlinson Dec 5, 1997 7:07 AM Flag


    Ed sent an upbeat and praising note to DELL and slipped in a blunt question on the probability of DELL announcing a third split in 12 months. DELL actually replied back and stated the following:

    Date: 97-12-02 14:16:48 EST

    Edward -
    Thank you for the kind words - at Dell, we always love to hear from shareholders and investors regarding our performance and our messaging of results. We studied the split issue long and hard, and the opportunity for a stock market first, but elected
    to avoid any potential weakness this might create in our stock. From our discussions with our Wall Street coverage analysts, we heard the response that this would be too much of a gimmick with the technology sector under pressure in the broader markets. Dell's management team took this to heart, and elected not to pursue this at the board level at this time.

    If you have any questions regarding this matter - or any other issues you find to be of interest -- please call me directly at 512-728-4243.

    Thank you,

    Frank Milano
    Investor Relations
    Dell Computer Corporation

    Good work Ed! If we take this at face value, then it answers our idea that DELL would announce a split soon. Part of me wants to believe that this is standard boilerplate reply stuff, but the frankness and apparent honesty makes be lean towards believing them. Regardless, DELL is still a good stock and performing well and there isn't any sign of it letting up soon.

    I called Frank Milano of Dell at the number above and this is legitamite.