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  • chekmark chekmark Jan 15, 1998 9:50 AM Flag

    Shorted tues., covered today!!!!

    Took a loss on my short sale...this one just looks to strong now to try and guess short term tops...I think $95 is its next resistance area and if it breaks that it should retest its 52 week high....if next earnings can come in over a .90 we could see the stock pop up quickly to $125/share....when optimisim starts to get too feverish; then I'll short again... I just don't think we've reached that point yet......

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    • I have just sold my DELL shares ($93) after buying in late Dec @77. Refer to my msgs #445 and #209, to see that DELL's trading range has been oodles of $$$ in the pocket. Since Aug97, through use of the trading range, I have a 67% return on DELL.

      chekmark, good job cutting your losses. But I'm with you that $94-$95 might be a good place to short DELL, as I have before.
      It seems your a technical trader, so beware. As the earnings release approaches (mid Feb) because a substantial change from
      expectations changes the fundamentals, which overrides technicals. This high PE stock could be big $$$ if they miss the mark, or
      vice-versa. I tend to stand on the sideline 2-3days before and after a report. Unless I can "buy on the rumor" and "sell on the news".

      PS Asia is becoming old news, in F98 it will be the USA that we should be worried about.

    • I Doubt if you shorted on Tues and covered on Thurs if you
      Really did you are foolish!More likely your a new buyer thats
      just realizing you Paid too much for Dell! Remember Tree's don't grow to the sky.

    • hey,
      it's smart to cut your losses. i definitely would not short this stock right now.
      however, i hope everyone does.

      i am regretting it already, but i just sold today. i took a small profit. i am just hoping for a short term fall in the stock, just a few points, maybe 87/88. i will buy it back if it falls to those levels. i just heard cnbc mention that many people are starting to believe companies like dell when they say that 7% of revenues come from asia, and 60% of costs.....believe that that will help the earnings. also, they keep mentioning that europe is very strong now.
      i really hope this stock does not take off just yet. i almost wish i did not sell. i cannot wait to get back in, you guys are in for a good run if you own this stock.
      actually, i had bought this stock on margin, so i wanted to get out, but i will get back in if it goes down, you can be sure of that.
      good luck, everyone.
      sorry i bailed, but hopefully i'll be back in soon.

      by the way, haven't heard from the old fox lately. think he's still short?


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