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  • xlr8d4u xlr8d4u Jan 15, 1998 4:51 PM Flag

    Look out

    Here comes Apple.

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    • You can't be serious. The apple's full of worms and is rotting on the tree. The only place it's going is in the hole.

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      • One of my favorite quaint expressions:

        "I've seen dogs sicker than that get well."

        However, just as it took years to dig themselves in, it will
        take years to dig back out.

        There may be some opportunity in the stock though. Apple stock
        moves more by emotion than anything else. If Apple devotees
        see a ray of hope the stock will shoot up like a rocket.

        They've had so many bad quarters though, this $40 some million
        profit of the last quarter isn't going to build any confidence
        but watch out if they can improve that performance next quarter
        then the one after that.

        I don't think they'll ever assume the position in the industry
        they once had but Jobs seems pragmatic if nothing else as
        evidenced by the alliance with Microsoft that he used to bouy
        the shareholder's hopes last quarter.

      • Its market cap has crumbled...It is much inferior to the likes of DELL and CPQ..If you are not convinced, ask yourself if you would buy one over the aforementioned.
        Like I said, AAPL is history...For a short term gain, it might be o.k. though.