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  • zimchic1 zimchic1 Jan 15, 1998 6:09 PM Flag

    Hey you Dell longs !

    Dell stayed in the $90's for a couple days now. A record since
    the October fiasco. Not only that but it climbed out of the
    low-to-mid $80's in a generally declining tech market. It
    climbed slowly but surely, no backstepping, and amid very high
    volumes. I think the $80's are nothing more than a bad memory

    Enough good quarterly reports coming out that show the PC
    industry not hurt by Asia has restored some confidence in the
    sector. Now it's time to make up for lost time. Six months
    of no growth in Dell stock historically means it's ready to
    E-X-P-L-O-D-E upward.

    Go Dell !!!

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    • Osicom(FIBR) is already exploding,up over a 100% in two weeks. Near 4.5 now but projected to go to 5 tomorrow. It's has a very active message board and many of the daily est. are reached which makes it fun because if it didn't everyone would be ridiculing any false projections. Come and see why. Someone got me off a board and I am thankful,that I switched to Osicom.

    • I agree. I'm very confident that this stock will break AT LEAST 100 prior to earnings announcement. If the news is VERY good, then the sky is the limit. (We have to beat the whispers---not just the estimates.) To the moon DELL longs---to the moon!!!!

      • 2 Replies to littlemissmoney
      • People said the same thing about Wal Mart 3 years into their big move. The same was said about Home Depot a few years ago. Caution is ok, but look - Home Depot stock doubled last year! WalMart up 50%. It will eventually end, but if you watch the fundamentals and behavior you can benefit from current trend. Jim Collins still likes the stock and he is 10 yr best stock picker (Hulbert says).

      • When I start hearing terms like the "sky is the limit" and to the "moon" I know as a trading professional that it is time to be cautious--- as the bandwagon mentality signals a market top. The market sentiment is just too bullish on this one. Mr. Dell can only do so much... what happens when there are no more rabbits to pull out of his hat? The market is just putting higher and higher expectations on him.....something has got to give!!!