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  • chekmark chekmark Jan 19, 1998 7:17 PM Flag

    buy low / sell high

    You know how it goes: Buy low - sell high or buy high - sell higher or finally buy too high-- take it in the shorts! Just a little food for thought...Guys don't get to exhueberant about Dell; it's a great company but it's not without substantial risk!

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    • you seem to have some investment savy. If for some crazy reson Dell does not meet earnings estimates, how far could the stock drop? I missed the boat on buying Dell and am wondering if i'll ever get a chance to establish a position at a lower price?

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      • for what's it's worth... Dell has about a 50 % chance to jump up to its old high and about a 50% chance to drop into the low eighties --- basically there's about $12 to the upside and $12 to the downside. If Dell misses earnings the stock could fall as low as $70--- but I think that is highly unlikely. The most likely scenario is some flat price action the next 4 weeks.