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  • Domster Domster Jan 20, 1998 10:36 AM Flag


    It's going down like the Titanic.
    CNBC reported that their earnings have been cut.
    Only reason its up today cuz of market. It opened
    down over one point...

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    • Why not present the facts instead of FUD (fear, uncertainty,
      and doubt) ?

      It was a single analyst, Lucy Painter, at Merril Lynch.

      She lowered her estimate to $3.50 from $3.60. Concensus
      estimates have been $3.45. Wow, she lowered her optimism
      by a tiny percentage and came more in line with concensus.

      Big deal. She's covering her ass, and her job, and trying
      to help her employer get a better position in Dell. Her
      target for this year is $100 for Dell. Let's watch and see
      just how wrong she is. It shouldn't take but a few more
      weeks, if that.

      A yahoo search for Lucy Painter comes up with few hits and
      in those you find she liked CPQ better than Dell last year.
      She was spectacularly wrong there. Personally I like to
      follow the advice of people who make accurate predictions.

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      • It really ticks me off when someone shoots from the hip with false info, even if it is not intended to mislead. Thanks for setting the record straight. I saw her as well and did not get any impression that her condfidence in DELL was wavering. She was just a little over-zealous in her initial enthusiasm for DELL.

      • One question. Who do they work for and how do their employers make money? Analysts always change their opinion after the
        news (good or bad) is out. Armchair quarterbacks. I believe the prudent investor should read analysts reports and take them into
        consideration in making an investment decision. However, the analyst report should be one factor in that decision and no one should trade
        based solely on an analyst buy or sell ( or hold, strong buy, accumulate, market perform (?)etc...)recommendations. I believe Dell
        is the best and most efficient computer manufacturer, reseller, retailer in the world today but I also think the stock price
        has gotten ahead of itself.

    • their earnings have been cut by 1 cent for this year
      10 cents next year.
      still a buy rating, still same price target
      reason for lower earnings at dell, cpq, msft (according to analyst) is asia will slow pc demand (growth of 18% instead of 20%)
      i think europe will take the 2% back that asia took away.
      also, in my analysis, i forgot to mention internet sales are growing and are very profitable
      another reason this is a great company