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  • Rachimov Rachimov Mar 3, 1998 7:16 PM Flag

    cpq vs dell

    CPQ doesn't have to *prove* anything for the stock to begin upward movement, or to hit 50. It needs to make some reassuring
    noise on it's earnings for Q198 ( which it will ), they come out April 16th, this will prop stock price, then it needs to make
    those earnings on APril 16th (which it will) for a nice leap in price, then it needs to outline it's plans for Digital (
    April/May) that will be the larget and most sustained rally leading up to full Digital integration acretive to earnings (LAter part of
    1998). With *some* tech stocks higly inflated, CPQ will be more than happy to harbor those profits, and it's even on sale right
    There, now I've gone and been a Prophet myself.Zim will be eating his words regarding CPQ. I hope he slinks away then, he's already shown himself to be a coward by not emailing Peb, and running an ducking from questions.