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  • Rachimov Rachimov Mar 8, 1998 5:27 PM Flag

    Try out VectorVest for stock analysis

    CPq is cratering on IT'S OWN bad news. Dell is cratering on someone else's bad news, nuff said. When I started watching CPQ
    and you were making your "predictions" You were totally clueless, you just got lucky that CPQ bought out Digital, and many
    investors don't have much understaning of the ramifications of the proposed merger, and don't want to invest in something as turbulent
    as assimilation of a failing industry giant, and now that CPQ is struggling with it's OMD, and earnings are going to dissapoint
    the stock is really being punished, this is a short term problem and CPQ still have considerable upside once this ugly buisness
    is out of the way. CPQ will be hitting it's stride shortly ( end of April/early May). What your intrest was in CPQ tanking I am
    sure was more of the same Pissing Match I have previously described, you have the perennial Jan Brady Syndrome, "Marsha, Marsha,
    Marsha! Everyone always pays attention to Marsha! What about ME?! I'm pretty too!" <g>