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  • ladyjane98125 ladyjane98125 Mar 22, 1998 4:44 PM Flag

    <ot>Pssst, Zimmy

    The chill is holding on the other matter, but I don't want you to look too silly, so here's a little help for you. On the CPQ board you wrote:

    "3) Compaq doesn't care enough about stockholders to start a buyback. That would be your half cent a share dividend. Don't spend it all in one place."

    The dividend, however miniscule, issues so shareholders have access to a DRIP; something which can increase shareholder value. Most tech companies don't issue dividends, so no DRIP - and some unhappy investors.

    ......back to: Ice.

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    • ...wish I could say the same for you. If you ever posted something other than rah rah rah blah blah blah, I'de probably have a heart attack and die. You concern for my laundry is touching, as usual.

    • instead of showing up when either CPQ is up or Dell is down I'd have the tiniest bit of respect for you. Otherwise - don't you have some laundry or something calling you ?

    • The good news I refered to was for IOM not CPQ. Brain Fart.

    • I hear it is a hot stock. Los Vegas style casinos in Tunisia.

      Both casinos will be open for the tourist season and earnings will be reflecting this in a few months

    • that was not what you predicted, you predicted 135-145 untill earnings (presplit)...oh did you ammend that prediction AFTER reposting it to me to make sure I saw it? last time I checked 135 devided by two was 67.5, and 145 devided by two was 72.5.... now somewhere in between those two is not 67. sheesh, you keep telling me how much smarter you are than least I can do simple math...
      what did you pay for those puts and what are the call letters, I want to see if you get greedy and lose all your money<g> make sure you post what you sold them for. the cardinal sin of option investing is getting too greedy and missing the profitable time period.
      If they are Aprils, remember that the last week of expy, the only profit you make on them is whatever they are IN the money, so if they are worth $2 now, CPQ will have to actually be at 23 for them to be worth that same $2.

    • Hehehehe, I call it being honest.
      Yes I could pull a "zimmy" and come in here bragging about how great CPQ is and how much Dell sucks based on a two week
      trend, but actually in the brief period of time I have been reading the Dell board, I have seen some very nice people here, and I
      genuinely hope they all do well. I made money on CPQ puts myself, I plan to buy CPQ calls very soon. I would have bought DEll puts
      myself, but Dell options trade at a very high premium...and as I have said to LadyJane before, I am too cheap<g>
      It's not about allegiance to any one stock for me, as an option trader, I don't have that luxury (longs do). I HAVE to sell, or I lose my tushy.
      I wouldn't personally buy Dell at these prices with the current climate in the techs, even if i did trade securities. I
      think there may be a "Wait and see" attitude on Dell untill it announces earnings, partucularly if there is a continuing stream of
      preannouncements, which could futher hurt the techs. If I were a current Dell shareholder, I wouldn't sell now either, I'de have some Dell 60
      May puts, which I would have bought the first day postsplit...which I'de be considering selling right now. But untill I heard
      some grumbling by M.Dell, if I were a current shareholder I'de just hang on till earnings.
      If I didn't own dell, i wouldn't personally buy it however, because I wouldn't want vulnerability and volatility in a long term stock, or a Mo stock for anything other than day trading. I am just not as brave as LadyJane ( which is why she's the Pro and I am admittedly a novice<g>)
      I am not sure what fence straddling is? I'll have to ask Lady in an email

    • Gateway was up over 5% to Compaq's 7%. I'll have to see some reasoning that accounts for both those before I buy an explanation for today.

    • >>Remember, the world has never been the way it is now. I believe technology (not technology stocks - technology itself) is causing a paradigm shift in business.<<

      Really? I have to say you're correct....given that I work in the realm of technology development.\\FS

    • correlation between being good/bad at math and suggesting market manipulation.

      Simply put - if one is going to manipulate the price, one must know which strike to target. How does one have this information? If you target the $65 strikes, the $70 puts and the $60 calls are in the money. How do you decide what to target? Conspiracy?

    • Yes indeed - you can buy puts and calls whenever you please. I must simply be a paranoid loon who's also poor at math. By all means...Buy a put and a call contract at the market open tomorrow for Apr 65's. One just *has* to make money right?? Try it.


      (try a read of Doug Henwood's - Wall Street - c. 1997)

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