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  • ladyjane98125 ladyjane98125 Apr 1, 1998 11:38 AM Flag

    <ot>Zimmy - Investments, hardware

    Thanks for the attempted assist:

    target=new >$6tq$

    However, you are not in possession of enough facts to make your advice worthwhile. I've been around the computer biz for 20 years (remember punch cards? I used to spend the early hours of the morning typing code onto 'em and the computers took most of a large basement). Corporations? Lots of years in the front offices of businesses large and small, public and private.

    Investments? 15 years experience. And I'm quite pleased with my returns. Besides, anyone who STILL can't remember that I own Dell isn't exactly a highly regarded advisor.

    Since we're exchanging investment advice, try this one yourself: Sell some of your Dell on the runs up to earnings and splits. Buy back in on the dips mid-Qs. Witching is often a GOOD TIME TO BUY. Paper gains ain't never going to be spendable.

    And about PetalPetunia? Of course he's a man. How do I know? You know I'm female (and I most certainly am), and you are not the most perceptive of men. Women and men have a different vocabulary and I've always suspected the PP was male, even with those *&%#@$* cookies and the phony gramma schtick.

    Now I know for certain. And I don't generally blow up prankster i.d.s unless I'm exposing a TROLL.

    I'm outta here for awhile. Try not to load up the board too much. It makes me cranky. <VBG>

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    • ladyjane98125,

      In a brave and reckless defiance of my intuition and experience with women, I'm compelled to complain about something you seem to harp on.

      You said:
      "Since we're exchanging investment advice, try this one yourself: Sell some of your Dell on the runs up to earnings and splits. Buy back in on the dips mid-Qs. Witching is often a GOOD TIME TO BUY. Paper gains ain't never going to be spendable."

      I realize your advice is targeted to zimchic1, but I also feel targeted by your remarks because I hold what would normally be called an "extremely excessive" portion of my net worth in Dell.

      I find your remarks about paper gains to be idiotic nonsense. Of course, stocks can be turned into cash whenever you want, but doing so causes serious tax implications. Moreover, buying back in on the dips turns all your gains back into paper again. I simply cannot fathom any sense in your statement.

      Most of my position is taxable at 39.6% whenever I sell. I cannot simply sell on highs and buy on dips unless the dip represents a drop of greater than 40%. I have never seen anybody make a reliable prediction about a drop that large. What am I to do? It's simple really, I just keep on holding. If I ever need a ton of money, I'll sell some. So far, my holdings have grown very much faster than my spending, which, in turn, is easily supported by my paychecks.

      If anybody can convince me that Dell will drop significantly more than 40% from the point where it is when I become convinced, I might consider changing the paper gains into money. However, given what I know about this industry, I don't think there's anybody on this board will be able to convince me a drop like that is coming any time soon.

    • I didn't forget you own Dell. All I tried to do was improve your portfolio by advising you to get out of a position in CPQ. You seem to be operating under the delusion that Compaq absolutely has to recover. I'd be willing to bet if you were an Apple shareholder in 1992 you'd believe it just had to recover as well because it was such a market leader.

      Market leaders screw up, hon. Fact of life. When you're #1 there's only one way to go, down, and the bigger you are the harder you fall. Compaq's management is inept. How could they be otherwise - the #1 PC company with NO PROFITS THIS QUARTER ? Get real. Compaq's business is crumbling. They are the next Apple computer.

      Normally I don't mind saying "I told you so", relish it in fact, but it won't give me any pleasure in your case. But, you're diversified enough so one dog in your portfolio isn't going to kill you, so I'll leave it be for now. Take care.

      And by the way - you and Rachel are the only two I feel confident are really women. Men can't make me mad, frustrated, and attracted all at the same time like you two do. Speaking of Rachel, I wonder how she's doing in time-out ? I'm starting to miss her already.

      • 2 Replies to zimchic1
      • The baroness is female. So are lovewithpassion and AltaDell.

        Zimmy, it's nice that you've stopped worrying about my ******* laundry and don't think I don't appreciate it. However, I'm even better with my portfolio than I am with housework <G>.

        If I'm wrong about Compaq's long term propects, so what. I can always use some offsetting capital losses. It's all rock and roll, babe.

        Now, what about them paper beamers, babe?

      • I had cpq in my portfolio and watched desparately on a daily basis for signs of recovery. Selling my lot was easier than expected and I have not yet looked back or winced in regret.
        What was the turning point for me? The supporters of CPQ = loyal consumers of CPQ and they are light-headed boors. Check out the CPQ board and prove me wrong!!!
        When I realized MY investment money was in the hands of those on the CPQ board, the decision to get out became SOOO Easy..


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