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  • rabbittigger rabbittigger Apr 2, 1998 8:33 PM Flag

    A bad news for dell.

    March 30, 1998, TechWeb News

    Price War -- Dell Losing Ground To Compaq -- New
    Compaq promotion works to reduce inventory and beat out Dell presence at VARs
    By Lawrence Aragon

    San Francisco-Dell Computer Corp. may be feeling push-back from VARs
    because of bargain-basement pricing prompted by Compaq Computer Corp.

    Earlier this month, Houston-based Compaq cut prices on select
    desktops,workstations, servers and 15-inch monitors. Some buyers can get
    trade-in programs and 4.9 percent financing.

    It's too early to call it a definite trend, but some resellers say they are receiving
    fewer requests for Dell products. "I had a customer looking for 200 Dell
    notebooks," says one reseller. "When I told him the prices on the Compaqs, he
    said, 'Give me the Compaqs. Don't talk about Dell.'

    The promotion, which ends May 31, has put a damper on Dell
    recommendations, claims Jerry Duffy, owner of Abel Computer Repair, San
    Carlos, Calif. While he admits Dell's products are well-made and competitively
    priced, he says Compaq's recent price cuts are enough to convince him that his
    customers get the best value from Compaq.

    Vishnu Dayal, chief executive of Micro Connections Inc., Plainview, N.Y.,
    says he has seen a double-digit increase in Compaq desktop, notebook and
    server sales in the first quarter over the same period last year.

    Dayal says immediate delivery of product is a critical issue to his customers.
    That hurts Dell, Round Rock, Texas, which can take up to two weeks to fulfill
    an order, Dayal says. It's only a matter of time before Dell feels the pain,
    predicts channel analyst Seymour Merrin of Merrin Information Services Inc.
    in Menlo Park, Calif. "When Compaq comes down on price, and HP and IBM
    follow, the difference is monumental."

    Some VARs are wary, believing this program is geared to the retail and
    small-business markets. "For business customers, [the promotions] are more
    like toppings on the cake," says Thomas Mack, vice president of PC Solutions
    in Madison, Wis. "They're not deal-makers."

    Compaq's recent price cuts to purge the channel of excess inventory will make
    it difficult to raise prices once the fire sale is over, Merrin contends.

    Dell says it has not seen a decline in sales. "We continue to sell lots of
    systems," says spokesman Ken Bissell. "We still have what we consider to be a
    very aggressively priced product."

    -Lawrence Aragon, with additional reporting by Jan Stafford and David Myron

    Copyright (c) 1998 CMP Media Inc.

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    • I agree with you. It's funny (strange - not haha) how people (not everyone - and everyone is guilty of this at sometime) have a great propensity to overlook look the details. Every move management makes has implications that reach further than anyone could imagine. To implement anything successfully, they first must identify what to do. Once they think they know what they want to do, they must identify all implications of such an action (this is an impossible feat!).

      Far reaching example:

      You want to cut MG&A costs - So, you hire consultanting firm who is expert in identifying continuous waste. Consulting firm
      makes many reccomendations, one of which is getting rid of half the plants in the offices. This results in two workers at nursery
      you contract with for office plants get fired. They are told by their boss that the nursery lost your account because they were
      incompitant. They made a mess, were disrespectful and oggled secretaries. They know this is not true. They take revnege and bomb your
      corporate offices. Result catastrophic loss!

      This was a piss poor example, but I hope it gets my point across. You just don't know.

      Sorry everyone, this wasn't even worth posting. It's only A LOT better than TANK-A-BONEHEAD.

    • Would you care to describe client/server architecture to me ?
      How does it differ from peer-to-peer architecture ?

      What does Compaq do that's different in these technologic battlegrounds ?

      How about the differences between an NC, a NetPC, and a managed PC ? How about Thin Client ?

      How is Dell positioning itself in these markets ?

      Take your time. You need to do some web searching and reading.

      May I suggest killing two birds with one stone and finding all the answers on Dell's website where there are both tutorials and discussions of how *DELL* is going to win the battle for corporate mindshare ?

    • is my pud. It won't be earnings they'll be awash in afterward either.

    • I don't think the company is dead. I do think the stock price is.

      I am long in Compaq because I think they have enormous potential. And I think they are going to win the client/server wars.

      And they are going to look like a leaner meaner IBM in a few years if they do it right.

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