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  • waarpspeed waarpspeed Aug 25, 1998 9:31 PM Flag

    Bin Laden Bear Market descends on Wall S

    Within 3 weeks the combination of political
    instability and deteriorating worldwide fiancials,plus
    upcoming earning season will doom this market.8000 is the
    maginot line.Once that number is crossed then the Sunday
    Buisness Sections will lead with the bold faced
    headline...BEAR MARKET DESCENDS ON WALL STREET.Then the mutual
    funds will get hit with the redemptions.That will
    really spur it.then the hedge funds will sell Dell/Csco
    and the big momentum stocks and that will be the
    start of the final capitulation.Only then will we see
    the bottom

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    • Yes, I saw them,

      I agree pretty much what
      was said, and I think that it clarifies the position
      that the market is in an unsure state.

      I reiterate that the market won't rally in earnest
      until everyone is sure that we are at the bottom. That
      won't happen until we shed another 300+ points in a

      Think of it like taking a plaster (band aid) off. You
      can rip it off quickly in one sharp painful swipe, or
      slowly peel it off painfully. We need to have our band
      aid ripped off, and then we can rally

      PS,Check out also my days prediction with Dell holding,
      the market tumbling, and recovering some in the pm.
      Looking good so far :-)

    • Angel

    • ...

    • I agree that DELL, MSFT and the like are the best
      places for now, but here's an appropriate analogy for
      today.... it's like a stone wall facing the ocean, the
      pounding of the surf just bounces right off for months and
      years, but when that hurricane comes, it just can't
      stand up any longer.

      I am a bull at heart,
      don't get me wrong, and I believe this to only be a
      correction (maybe a longer one than some expect) and DELL
      will weather it fine six months from now, but we could
      easily see DELL follow the pack in the next downward
      movement after 9/8.

      Hoping I'm overly concerned.

    • GO DELL


    • GO DELL

    • I share your concerns. While the US economy
      couldn't be better (low inflation, low interest rates,
      full employment, excellent housing market, etc.), the
      growing fear on Wall Street that foreign woes will
      translate into serious US economic implications in the
      future is causing growing bearish sentiment.

      With a bounce here and a bounce there, I think the
      Market will go lower before it starts the next Bull leg
      up. A few stocks like DELL and MSFT will be hit least
      and will recover first. Great hidey holes.

      these uncertain times, my subscription to
      more than pays for itself. I get my $9.95 worth from
      the other writers, and figure I get Cramer "free"
      <G>. I don't always understand what he is saying or
      implying, but I'm learning, and the
      behind-the-scenes-look-at-Wall-Street is unique.

      Hope you safe from


    • Will Dell hold of 'til the split then see big gains for my portfolio afterwards? It only took 6 months for the stock to double this year. Can i see that again?

      Homer J.

    • Yes, I read them and found them interesting as
      the day progressed in his eyes. I still have
      'concerns' about where the market is going in the next
      couple of weeks, not to mention til the end of the

      We have yet to close below 8400 and if we do, I
      think we're in for another 10% or more correction. DELL
      has been able to weather it so far simply because of
      earnings announcement timing and now the run to the split
      date, but if the market isn't stable by 9/4, we'll fall
      with the others in my opinion. Right now, we're
      rallying on hype and it won't last after 9/8 if overall
      conditions aren't better.

      Still waiting on the panic
      selling day. I'll know when it comes, because I'LL be
      considering selling!!!! That's when I'll know it's time to
      buy. Til then, more of the same. IMHO


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