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  • isn isn Oct 23, 1998 11:03 AM Flag

    Open note to board. I've had it.


    The majority of this board has sat by and done
    nothing while veritas lies openly and calls me a racist.

    I will not let him drive me off the

    I'm going to let you decide that. I'm going to sit
    back and watch, and if posters are going to let him
    get away with this, then it's time to abandon this
    board to the idiots and liars.

    I've always tried
    to post fact and not fiction. I've always tried to
    back up my opinions with url's charts and facts. I've
    been here a long time.

    Whether or not I bother
    to post again is in your hands.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Don't abandon the board! I just got back from a
      weeks vacation to the Outer Banks and checked the board
      to see your posts for the week along with a few
      others I consider credible. I am not new to stocks but
      am new to the board and have learned a lot from
      those who post reliable information. I for one
      appreciate your comments! uptk98

    • ISN. Don't even consider tossing in the

      I'm just watching on the sidelines but can't help but
      say you're comments are valued. I have a minor
      interest in Dell (200 shares) at present but my Dad has
      16000, got in at with 1000 shares at $80 about 2 years
      ago. Watching the market is hypnotic due to the
      possibilities. Look beyond the others here and let your feelings
      be aired, you got a right.

      All the Best

    • I don't waste my time reading his/her posts and some by others whose posts are also counter-productive. You are too valuable an asset to the rest of us.

      Good Sabbath and enjoy your weekend.

    • Also, I work for the Company Veritas Software. It
      is difficult to see him use our name in vain.
      Especially since it is the name of my company. The 1st
      amendment can stink at times!

      As for me, I never
      accept information found on this board as truth. I only
      use it as a "spring-board", if you will, to find
      information. I always validate information through other
      sources. If you cannot find a source then ignore the data.
      As for personal attacks, some posters just try to
      get your goat. Try your best to ignore can
      be difficult at times but you should not give them
      the benefit.

      THE MORAL: If you ignore them,
      they will go away.

      P.S. I'd hate to see
      veritas_99 kill you off like bonnus did to zimchic1. A sorry
      state indeed. Be strong.

    • I hope you do stay. I have learned so much from your posts.


    • You are one of the few posters that I read.
      Although I don't agree 100% with what you posted, I find
      your ideas are very well thought.

      I mentioned
      once that I like the Raging Bull board because it is
      very friendly. And you replied that you liked the the
      traffic and the different flavors here. So please hold on
      to your believes.

      I don't post often and I am
      not in a position to provide any investment ideas,
      but I do read some good posters' posting everyday.

      P.S. Does Yahoo board has an ignore button so I can
      ignore some bad posters?

    • eom eom

    • WHO CARES what he says! This is america! FWIW,
      you are one of the few that I take the time to read.
      Maybe the reason why you think the board has done
      nothing to defend you is nobody is reading his posts, or
      if its a personal thing nobody wants to get
      involved. Anyway, I like your posts, they are useful and
      well thought out. can't say about the other guys cuz
      quite frankly i don't read em.
      didn't you just have a new baby? If so hope he/she is
      well. This board is for fun. Don't let it be more than
      that. Keep up the good posts!!!!! They are few and far
      between on this board

    • What I do is ignore the idiots and read the real


    • I also agree with John11. You add quality to the
      board. I have been quietly reading this board for over 6
      months and your message was enough to get me to register
      and reply. I have been discouraged by the recent
      language and degradation of discussion on the board.
      However, there seems to be a turn around. It's good to see
      alot of posts today from people who have been gone for
      a while.

      Don't believe I can add much to
      the board regarding financial analysis, but I do know
      Dell. I'm long on Dell and that position has enabled me
      to retire early.

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