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  • Ritche1998 Ritche1998 Feb 14, 1999 11:05 AM Flag

    roger mcnamee comments on dell from wswe

    to publish this-very unfair since DELL is in a
    silent period before earnings & cannot respond to these
    negative comments-also note these ananlyts did change the
    rating which means thay can continue to buy &sell as
    much as they like-if they had changed the rating the
    ananlyst & the institution they represent would have been
    blocked from trading-Niles said he just happened to
    notice the revenues will fall short after reviewing his
    research notes-why didn't he catch this earlier?-could it
    be that most of the tech's had been beaten up except
    for DELL & after Thur's highest NASDAQ ever-& DELL
    was out of there reach-I do not believe in
    coincidence!-it seems like the analyst cannot even agree on the
    revenue # should be-maybe Niles coild get DELL on
    earnigs,ASP,or anything else so he picked out this extremely
    high revenue # to focus on-anything to keep DELL from
    having its usual pre-earnigs run up & bring the price
    down notonly on DELL but on most tech's-I so not
    understand why the CPQ investers are so happy because this
    is going to hurt them as well unless it can be
    absolutely proven that DELL lost market share to
    CPQ,IBM,etc.-BTW did I miss something?-Did DELL's fundementals
    change last Thur's night???

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