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  • stj01 stj01 Apr 28, 1999 10:13 PM Flag

    How bad is it going to get?

    I'm about to get into serious trouble with DELL. AMZN's earnings have scared the shit out of me. Does DELL really stand a chance to get to 50 before earnings. I need some comfort tonight.

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    • i appreciate your thoughts! i am tired now and yahoo has slowed down to a crawl.

      i think it is time i crawl into bed as well.

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      might be interested.

      My own place of employment
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      Tomorrow I
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    • Ok, I understand. However, you should still form
      an idea of what price point is profitable in order
      to reach a reasonable conclusion.

      So far,
      from what I've observed, the manufacturers that are
      NOT selling PCs in the sub-$900 range (most notably
      Dell and Gateway) are also the fastest growing and
      most profitable.

      What's up with that ? It
      would seem, so far, that low cost PCs have been black
      holes sucking the profit out of the companies that get
      close to them.

    • time is up.

      You were unable to answer any
      questions about the simplest linux usage.

      You do not
      pass go, you do not collect 200 dollars, you do not
      use linux....

      Since you obviously are
      anti-MSFT, should I assume you're an Apple user?

    • they have lost in every store they have taken over. He is in way over his head and I'm shorting AN.

    • on a component and quality of manufacturing
      level. I want to compare the ME and EE to say.... the
      Optiplex G1.

      The total manufacturing cost of x
      amount of PC's wouldn't be in my comparison.

      intend to look at it from the consumer's eyes.

      an investor, I want to consider what the future
      impact of low cost PCs will be to current leaders
      the box building business. Actually, from what I
      observe in news and research, low cost PCs are
      effecting the direction that box builders are taking. This
      by no means indicates that Dell can't
      handle the
      competition, know what I mean?

    • As an investor and engineer, construct a bill of
      goods for the machine, add in a reasonable overhead for
      advertising, offices, factories, assembly workers, overseas
      shipping, shelf space, reseller markup, warranty costs
      (some of them will die and have to be replaced), and
      see if it can be produced and sold at a

      I sincerely doubt it. Someone convinced a couple of
      Korean manufacturers that dumping PCs in the U.S. could
      make a lot of money eventually, probably just for a
      few people at the top, but that would be the people
      that matter. They're losing money on every machine but
      the money came easily from Japanese banks that are
      about to become insolvent for just such irresponsible
      lending practices.

      Don't be naive. If PCs could be
      made that cheaply and sustained Sony would have owned
      the market a long time ago as they are the king when
      it comes to stuffing 10 pounds of consumer
      electronic shit into a 5 pound plastic container.

    • I don't want to turn this into a hardware
      forum...But the celeron is by no means a poor product. The
      Celeron 300A with S-spec SL-32A is perhaps one of the
      best processor buys ever... It runs solid as a rock at
      504, faster than even p2-400s...I'm sure you aren't an
      avid hardware person, so don't know much about
      overclocking, etc.. But for hardcore hardware people...the
      celeron is a top pick.. Just my $.02


    • Wayne Huizenga, builder of Waste Management and
      Blockbuster Video is at it again, he is the CEO of Republic
      Industries which is revolutionizing the car business. The
      stock has formed a bottom and is now starting to trend
      upward. Excellent MACD reading on it, great upward
      potential, take a look, ticker is "AN". They have assembled
      an top notch management team and the stock looks
      like it's going to move up.

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