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    • Please read this press release and research
      yourself. This is not a made up one, just check for
      yourself(GOTO yahoo quotes and read the latest news on TODY). Inc. (TODY) will be making money off of Amazon
      and a bunch of others. A hidden stock. Read,
      research, and decide for yourself. More deals to come such
      as EBAY, AOL, UBID, and many others. Don't you wish
      you would
      have bought aol, ebay, yhoo, or amzn a
      couple years ago. Well now here is your chance. PS--Also
      hearing rumors of CMGI BUYOUT @ 30 a share, and that news
      is to come out on Monday, May 10th after the

      Monday April 26, 9:16 am Eastern Time

      Company Press Release Adds More
      Agreements Inked With,, and
      American Greetings PHOENIX--(BUSINESS
      WIRE)--April 26, Inc. (OTC BB: TODY) Monday
      announced that it has expanded its affiliate programs by
      entering into affiliate agreements with
      (Nasdaq: AMZN - news), ValueAmerica Inc. (Nasdaq: VUSA -
      news) and American Greetings (NYSE: AM - news; is developing WebWare(TM), only
      complete turnkey portal software. Along with, Inc.(TM) and, which were previously
      announced,'s new affiliate agreements mark the
      beginning of an ongoing program allowing
      sites to generate revenue.
      As WebWare is
      completed, new agreements are expected to be negotiated
      whereby each pre-established affiliate would permit
      WebWare-powered sites to instantly become product-resellers, too. anticipates developing turnkey reseller
      options for WebWare-powered sites and believes that most
      WebWare clients will choose to be partner-product
      resellers for these companies.
      In keeping with its
      Shared Success model, plans to retain a
      percentage of potential profits, as will WebWare

      clients. These agreements further solidify's
      position as the Internet's first complete solution for
      portal creation.
      Lars Nielson, Jr.,'s
      vice president of sales and marketing, said, ``We have
      received very positive response to last week's
      announcement of the first members of our affiliates' programs,
      and these new affiliate partners represent a
      continuation of our plans to add more partner-product
      reselling opportunities as quickly as possible. Prospective
      WebWare clients are excited about the growing range of
      options we are working to provide.''
      Nathan Gwilliam,'s president and chief executive officer, added,
      `` continues its commitment to develop WebWare to
      provide the most complete, most comprehensive `portal in
      a box' software available. We plan to build the
      most profitable reseller opportunities possible for
      our WebWare clients.'' Inc. is a
      Phoenix-based Internet software development company developing
      WebWare, designed to be the Internet's first complete
      software solution to create specialized Internet portals
      and next-generation corporate websites.
      will contain more than 100 integrated, fully
      compatible modules, becoming a turnkey, one-stop-solution
      forWeb development.'s Shared Success marketing
      model makes the
      revolutionary WebWare technology
      affordable by reducing the up-front licensing fee and
      sharing in the portal's success. Inc.
      (OTC BB: TODY)__

    • Considering Friday's strong close, I think we
      should expect a strong open tommorow morning, at least
      until about 10AM. I read in Victor Niederhoffer's book
      that institutional players tend to do their business
      at the end of the trading day while smaller players
      tend to open (go long or go short) positions at the
      beginning of the day. What this suggests is that we should
      trust strong closes more than we should trust strong
      openings. Friday definitely ended on a strong note. I think
      Dell will hit 41 1/4 very early in the day. After
      that... who knows.

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    • Any time is OK w/ me - Carnaval is in January? I think, am not sure - Would be the best time to go, but kinda far off...

      Let's go whenever - we'll make our own party.


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