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  • jimdudd jimdudd Sep 23, 2000 3:23 PM Flag

    Fact on DELL

    drive an acura. - but that was off the point. I
    looked over your posts and I found no "tech Anal" all I
    say was a scared little boy. Here is my anal for you.
    I bought this stock long enough ago that a 9%
    retracement followed by an almost flat close dosen't get my
    attention. "the big boys" are not going to dump because they
    are on board of the growing market in europe and what
    Dell is continuing to do in the USA. If Dell becomes
    #1 or #2 in Europe is great, it means growth. Do you
    think that thier market is shrinking and this is a fad?
    This monster is at its low and you saw its low
    yesterday - you should have held onto your imaginary trade
    of 10,000 @ 32.5 and you would have been an
    imaginary millionaire by christmas.