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  • alansnowcross alansnowcross Dec 19, 2012 3:43 PM Flag

    companies little m is attacking - DO NOT TRUST HIS ADVICE/ Comments!


    Here some other small companies he's paid to attack:
    SRGE - Southridge Enterprises Inc.
    IMDSD - Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc.
    KATX - Kat Exploration Inc.
    EFIR - EGPI Firecreek Inc.
    RXPC - Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation
    EXPU - Expert Group, Inc.
    BIOF - BioFuel Energy Corp.
    MCET - MultiCell Technologies, Inc.
    TAGG - TagLikeMe Corp
    There are more companies if you check under his posting ID - then - Go to topic

    He's playing these Companies also - the way he is playing Kat - KATX/BVIG
    Not just a paid basher but a Lazy paid basher :) :) LOL!!

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    • Yes! You are so right ALANSNOWCROSS!!
      That basher gets paid from various places and he works for a select few MMs who enjoy his comments because unsuspecting shareholders sell some or all of their shares.
      As a direct result of the shareholders selling, the stock price goes down and THEREFORE, the MMs make loads of profits because they short those stocks and as it goes down, they make more and more money.
      I am visiting SRGE today, even though I have lost many thousands of dollars due to that basher EVEN THOUGH he makes it look like there are many negative posters. Ladies and gentlemen! He uses aliases and many times he compliments himself for his posts by using some of the aliases. He did his slandering for more than two years at KATX and that stock is worth MANY TIMES its current value. That is why the SEC is now investigating an MM known as Knight.

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    • m945030 is the basher.
      A professional slanderer

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