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  • sunfundasst sunfundasst Jan 24, 2002 12:14 PM Flag

    Webrand Socrates

    You know that we support fuel cells.

    However,I do not believe there is much prospect for this Administration to become a supporter of serious environmental concerns.

    Some states and cities may provide help.

    Some US companies may find a special need or wish to show support.

    European and Asian countries may find fuel cells cost competitive and may act on environmental concerns.

    Some individuals may seek to have the latest "stuff" and to appear or be environmentally concerned.

    Help from Bush seems unlikely.

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    • by keeping the planet from freezing to death!

      You did know that the last 4 global warming conferences were �SNOWED UNDER� ? I guess uk blob forget to tell you about that little problem hee hee hee he!!!! yep, everytime they relocated to a hotter and hotter climate, they kept getting snowed under! I laughed for hours over that one. How embarrassing for them to get their snotty faces slapped silly by mother nature! haa haa haah aah aaha!!!!

      Since 10 out of 12 global reporting agencies are saying the earth is cooling and might just slam down into another ice age? Bush is saving children�s lives and you cannot expect him to murder innocent children�s lives can you?

      Remember, you�re either with us (America) or you�re with the terrorists!

      So I expect you�ll make the right decision and keep your job, pay your paltry 15% tax rate if your even that high.. and support your economy by driving 3 times the amount you would normally drive! I know I will do my part!!!!

    • "Help from Bush seems unlikely."

      Every time the republicans talk about supporting fuel cells, IN THE VERY NEXT BREATH they say that CAFE standards must not be tightened, presumably so that automakers can keep making enough $$$ on SUVs to support FC R&D (LOL). See transcript of Mich. Gov, Engler's speech last night:,1431,7-103-705-9483--M,00.html

      Conclusion: Republican support for FC's is a purley political ploy, designed to keep the heat from environmentalists off ("See, we're doing something") and as a means of doing favors for a major constituent (automakers).

      As I posted on the BLDP last night, for the Bush/Cheney/Abraham/Engler crowd, fuel cells are pure politics. Republicans of that ilk don't believe that the problems H2 and FCs can help solve really exist.

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      • You know good and well that webbra and socrazy are in lockstep with the demise of America at any cost as long as their stock hits a home run.

        Uhhhhhh in case you havn't noticed and I know that you have, Honda and Toyota already blow away the Cafe standards W-I-T-H-O-U-T government funds I might add.

        The cafe standard on the hybrids no longer applies but does apply to the piston units.
        Bush is having to FIX THE CLINTON RECESSION SO you're just going to have to put your STOCK INVESTMENT on hold while he cleans up the Clinton mess. Would you collapse the entire nation just to satisfy your greedy stock investment?

        As for Gubbna engla...

        Even though the good gubbna is a democrat in republican clothes, he's still a cog in the bureaucratic machine and is subject to the same suspicions as the feverish liberals have TRIED to assign to Bush/Enron. Of course anyone with a brain knows this is just a political ploy for the dumorat party that is without a soul or a conscience or any good ideas they did not steal.

        So what were you saying again about politics?

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