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  • fcinvest_2001 fcinvest_2001 Dec 20, 2002 3:14 PM Flag

    At least Lott had the

    dignity to resign......too bad Clinton was not of the same caliper....too bad for our Country. Therin lies the main difference between a lib and a Conservative. The Conservative realizes that often there are bigger issues than personal ones. Libs lack this thought process entirely.

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    • fcinvest,

      <At least Lott had the dignity to resign too bad Clinton was not of the same caliper....too bad for our Country. Therin lies the main difference between a lib and a Conservative. >

      Too bad that Lott didn't have to defend himself in court. Too bad ...the democats didn't spend the same 70 million bucks to prosecute Lott as the republicans attempted on Clinton.

      Hmmmm...talking about caliper.....
      I think the democrats saved the voters 70 million dollars. That must be the main difference between the republicans and the democrats.

      <The Conservative realizes that often there are bigger issues than personal ones. >

      Yeah....but Lott tried real hard to save his ass....until his own party told him to step down.

      Shoots your theory to shit.


    • Actually Clinton's resistence in the face of the political fishing-lyching expedition that the Republicans launched against him throughout much of his term of office is, in my mind, a valuable attribute. Had a third term been in the cards, President Clinton would have cleaned Bush's clock in the dabates and probably have been re-elected.

      The country is paying now for the decisions it made in the 2000 elections.

    • fcinvest_2001,

      >>>dignity to resign......too bad Clinton was not of the same caliper....<<<

      It is unbelievable how you chose this event to re-open the unwanted acrimonious political issue on this board. This type of post begs for response from people like myself who would like to keep this off our board, but resent having our patriotism, character, and motives constantly being under attack.

      Also, if you have been following this episode, and Lott's grovelling and embarrassing efforts to stay on, and the Republican back-stabbing, you would know that you could hardly have picked a sorrier example to boast of a 'dignified resignation'!

      Why don't we all try to clean up our act, and if you will express your thoughts without always including a condemnation of me and all I stand for, I will get much more out of them, and do likewise.

    • you cannot! i already did.

    • sunfundasst,

      >>>(sunfund)Your effort and honor is the highest.<<<

      Can I second that?


    • Lott was toppled by his own party from the post he wanted kicking and screaming. Compare that to Gore pulling out of the presidential race in order to clear the field and issues for future Democrats. Lott was everything many Republicans have prided themselves on getting advantage from without saying it out loud in a national forum. Lott just let the cat out of the bag in the wrong place. A pity this didn't happen BEFORE the Nov. elections.

    • did you ever hear one of the Thurman speeches from 1948? do you really think that forced segregation compares with Clinton's BJ? did you know that Reagan, Carter and maybe Nixon are the ONLY presidents who did not have affairs and committ adultery? i am not in the mood to look for the link again. but Bush Sr had an affair for about 7 years when he was VP. the media never makes a big thing out of it, of course, unless the Republicans make a huge circus out of it. Bush Sr. NEVER wanted that info getting out about Clinton. that was Bush's protection (i.e. his own affair and the Mena scandals)

      • 1 Reply to nonprofit_c3
      • if you are thank stupid that you have to have this explained to you, in order to GET IT, then you need serious help. it would be like Hitler saying: Had we stayed in power and been able to finish the Final Solution, then the world would be a better place.

        get it yet, morons. it is called FASCISM. These fat sick apes hanged blacks from trees. remember Billy Hollidays's song STRANGE TREES? they denied medical care, etc. and why are they still arguing in court that burning crosses on the front lawns of blacks is freedom of speech? what is wrong with these sickos?

    • So you mean biggots do it better?

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