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  • sunfund sunfund Aug 11, 2003 3:56 PM Flag

    The problem with all this BS

    is that no one can stand to look at the message board. If there is something that might be of interest, we're going to miss it because of the puke on the board.

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    • Slush, do you have a question for all the geniasses on this here board?

      I mean do you really expect to get an honest and accurate technical or mawket question answered from this board?

      If you need to know something, how bout you just spring your question to the board and maybe, just maybe, after the retards beat it up with their bone clubs, you might get one out of a hundred responses that makes sense.

      In the mean time, it's clobberin time for you dems because every time America pulls a liberal dagger out of her back and the country celebrates you libs act like a bunch of turds in the punchbowl and cry us a goober style river of tears!!!

      Hey, it's our pawty and we'll laugh at you guys if we want to!

      Now let's have all those super important questions you're chappin at the bit to clean up this board with that my "strong buy" recommendation doesn't clear up!!!!

    • Hear Hear!

      • 1 Reply to sunfundasst
      • Sundfund's ass-instent, how about you two freeloada's write to Yahoo LIKE I HAVE, and tell'm that you want them to charge for the use of this board. Minimum of about $ 250 BUCKS/YEAR for posting privledges.


        I think you already know JUST WHOOOOOOOO would be following in Red Davis's footsteps off the cliff don't you!!!!!!!!!

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