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  • cabogordon cabogordon Apr 19, 2013 12:49 PM Flag


    i was just asking questions. i love the story here and things its go major legs. i was just not sure of the offering ? can you provide me any extra insight into some major events that could get us back to 3-5 range ? why is the stock been stuck here so long ? are you worried about delisting ? thanks

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    • Excuse me, but you debutted with "what price is the 3.5 MM shares offerings?".
      Where did you read that? Even a little similar Sec filing?
      There's no similar form in last Nasdaq's page to confuse anyone.

      But I'll take this challenge.
      FCEL in short short story.....
      Directors purchased 5k+10k+100k+200k on open market.... just yesterday.
      They bought on open market... no fiduciary..... no indirect.... no grants, warrants..... stock options...
      Common shares paid in full.
      Last time it happened they spent near $300k in one day..... let me seeeeee...... ..mmmm..... ..... never.
      That should be enough.

      Delisting? Won't happen.
      It takes one day above the $ (not ten).
      Today or monday.
      If Nasdaq sends the letter before, you have 6 months of time to bring PPS above the $ for ten days.

      After 30 years, this Co. will reach breakeven point in 2/3 qrts, because of a strong ramp up in production.
      Profitability in 2014.
      400 Mil$ in backlog orders+services.
      The official PR yesterday gave some gas to the stock.
      In 2 months, we'll have a sure improving report.
      THESE are the real events who can sustain and appreciate the Company.... improving quarterly reports.
      Then, a pletora of customers who could sign more contracts (too long, see website).

      Just to make an idea of how a capitalization can be huge if markets gets in "I LOVE THIS STOCK-mode", read - if you will - my thread "market is a crazy place......"

    • not worry

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