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  • kored35 kored35 Mar 14, 2014 9:59 AM Flag

    My Hecla mining stock was 3.18 and now 3.60 it is the largest Silver miner in US with 26% of silver production.

    If you are reading this and bought Hecla today you would be making a fantastic investment in a hugely underpriced company Here are some facts that cannot be refuted about Hecla today at 3.62:
    (it was 3.18 a few weeks ago still a huge bargin but read on)
    First I want to tell you that Janet Yellen at the helm of the FED is the Best thing that could have happened for Gold Silver and Mining stocks.
    This is why smart money is piling into them at this time especially since they are so beaten down.
    Hecla fer example (which I own) was 11 when gold was 1800 and silver was 40 now it's 3.18 and get this:
    Hecla is the largest silver produced in US with 26% of US output in 2013 and massive reserves
    Hecla has it's mines only in US and Canada so can't get them taxed or nationalized (at least today..)
    Hecla has a large number of short shares so could have a short squeeze easily
    Hecla Just bought a large gold mine in Canada from Aurizon making it a gold and silver miner
    Hecla pays a dividend linked to the price of silver
    Hecla insiders are buying it's shares on the open market see Yahoo insider transactions link
    Hecla (all shares) could be bought for only 1.1 billion the amount the fed prints every 10 HOURS !
    Don't believe it's a good buy now ?

    I firmly believe that Hecla is going to have a much higher return this year than the overpriced dow and S&P
    There is a tremendous amount of money being created and when even a tiny percentage realizes whats going on with the debasing of the dollar and buys these stocks they will be be up 5 to 10 times or more their current price.
    You see social media stock like trip yelp etc go up 4 or 5 times think it won;t happen to this one and this one has all of the best properties of a miner as shown above
    I will reference this post in the future to show you how much money you could have made if you bought hecla today

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