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  • switchcrete switchcrete Aug 16, 2014 10:59 AM Flag


    It would be possible to power a WalMart with FCEL and use the excess Hydrogen for a GenKey system and potentially sell to customers that have Hyundai FC Tuscons one day? Maybe use Methane from a nearby Landfill as fuel for the FCEL system? From what I understand this is possible isn't it? I realize it most likely wouldn't be enough Hydrogen production from the FCEL to power all the forklifts and sell to customers but it would be something... another Revenue Stream or Cost Cutting measure

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    • Its time to be creative with alternative fuels and energy.

    • You've just described the concept that the National Fuel Cell Research Center has been promoting for almost 10 years. Their concept is to make "big box" stores part of the hydrogen highway. There's a UC/Davis study that shows that for a "big box" store that currently sells gasoline, the unsubsidized cost of using a molten carbonate fuel cell to power and heat the store and produce the hydrogen sold as fuel for fuel cell cars is equivalent to what big box stores pay right now for heat, electricity and gasoline. The fact that a small amount of the hydrogen produced by the fuel cell could also be used power fork lifts just enhances the value proposition.

    • Switch,
      A Quad Gen Power Plant would
      also be able to help the garden flowers
      and plants grow, as well as heat their stores!!!
      We all know WalMart already loves Fuel Cell Fork Lifts ;)
      You're thinking on the right track my friend. ~ z4

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      • Wow, I just looked up Quad Gen, FCEL is working with Quadrogen in Vancouver...

        Up to 250 kW of renewable electricity, delivered virtually pollutant-free - enough to power approximately 250 homes.
        Up to 12 GJ/day of heat - roughly equivalent to heating 50 homes.
        Up to 5 tonnes/day of ultra clean CO2 for use in Village Farm's greenhouse - which displaces fossil fuel consumption, equivalent to taking 350 cars off the road.
        Up to 125 kg/day of pure hydrogen - sufficient to refuel 6 fuel cell buses or 85 cars, or sold commercially for industrial applications.

        It didn't really hit me, I really want to tour the FCEL in Bridgeport now, --there is so much power, one could easily hook this power to a large Electrolyzer (like HYGS) and produce large amounts of Hydrogen.
        Voila: Hydrogen Infrastructure is already here.
        I was thinking about PV on the rooftops of these big buildings like Walmart, but if a nearby Landfill offered enough energy... and I suppose the other thing I should look up is, is it possible to create one's own "compost pile" of Landfill methane to keep the energy sustainable? I would imagine it wouldn't be difficult at all...

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      • Z4Loser- why lie???? What good does that do????

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