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  • avooch avooch Mar 8, 2000 3:11 PM Flag

    Mr FC - pluz 'splain HYPERvaluation

    Mr. FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

    you have mentioned the term "hypervaluation" a number of times lately. Could you explain it please ? I imagine I know what it means, but am not certain. Thks. vooch

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    • Coal can be and has been changed to natural gas.
      Indeed, the early gas companies did that in the 19th
      century. The German's did in WW I. We have about 50 years
      of years of supplies of natural gas. We have about
      300 years of supply of coal.

      It is admittedly
      easier and presently cheaper to use natural gas or other
      hydrocarbons at this time.

      Photovoltaics can convert
      water to hydrogen, but not efficiently at this

      The future of fuel cells is likely to go long past
      the lifetime of anyone using this board.

      cells are likely to be with us for a long time.

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