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  • eagle.legal18 Aug 23, 2012 4:39 AM Flag

    ***Trickery, Proof Inside***

    I've already documented that St. George (a Fife company) owned the Helix assets. Now the latest increase in stock price is due to a recent news release indicating that St. George is now committing $5m to fund future development etc... via convertible debt at a discount. Note, these discount rates can be increased later without filing an 8K BTW using contingency clauses. Same thing happened at SDRG and that company still shows a note receivable from a Fife company.

    You've heard of shell games? Well, this is called share games. It's all a bunch of trickery to get shares in Fife's hands while at the same time all the news looks rosy boosting share price and volumes so Fife and friends can sell shares at a premium. I guess with Halloween coming up, he decided to cash in a little more by tricking you not treating you. He's one of the masters, look at the SEC Litigation against him and he's still out here.

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    • eagle.legal18 Aug 25, 2012 10:01 PM Flag

      Yeap and look at what happens when Fife starts to sell his shares after announcing his own funding.

    • I have no "intellectual" commentary but perhaps you could help me understand some things. I would never have used that adjective "intellectual" until I saw where St. George had sold only Helix assets including "intellectual property." That caused me to laugh as I am an early Helix investor who has followed this from it's inception. The con artist that convinced me to take that chance spoke of an atty. for Helix who had a "connection" to the present administration who could allow $52 mil. in stimulus $'s (before anyone knew what stimulus meant) to get to Helix thereby launching it to fame.
      A patent was granted to Helix Corp. but I have never seen any public bankruptcy notice of Helix Corp. Kenneth Morgan(Venger) uses the Helix name, Sauer uses the Helix name and St. George as well. Helix seems to help Morgan, Sauer and St. George all do business, maybe, while Helix seems to have little or no value otherwise especially to anyone who bought into it. Anyone ever connected to Helix is sorry and apologetic but have also sold their silence for 30 pieces of silver.(Scott who?)( Morgan probably chose Thailand mostly because you can't get farther from the scene of the crime than that}
      As a large Helix stockholder who expects nothing back at this point I would love to watch some major litigation to at least expose all of these people for what they really are. If there is a way to inspire or assist in any such action I would like to participate. Apparently SEC = Send Enough Cash!

    • Dont know why you hate this company so much but I feel sorry for you. All I know is that i bought it at 0.15 and have now sold at 0.34 for a return of 225% in under a week Seems like a GREAT stock to me.
      I dont love or hate stocks or companies - I play them to make money and this one just made me a bunch

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