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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Mar 25, 2011 2:23 PM Flag

    Is Obama getting the grid system revamped?

    Grid or Pipelines? Is there enough money for both?

    Hearing in various places Bakken Oil Shale has lots of oil, but very limited transportation. They're using trucks and rail cars!

    Today on CNBC's Strategy Session they were talking about MLPs investing to build more pipelines.

    I'm very recently seeing pro-pipeline ads paid for by Canadian energy interests here in the Chicago area looking to deliver to expanded "heavy crude" refineries on Lake Michigan in Indiana.

    Regarding the Grid:
    Are the NIBY issues "harder" for Grid that pipelines?

    Are there loan guarantees needed (a la new nuclear plants) or is it more jurisdictional fighting issues?

    What do you want Obama to do? Even if he proposes something useful, won't it immediately be attacked by the Tea Party influenced cost slashing Republicans?

    Who really "owns" the Grid?

    I've often imagined Superconductor cables running along rail lines transforming our Grid, but I'm guessing that would cost more than anyone is willing to pay for. Didn't the bury a lot of fiber option cable this way?

    Maybe we can get Warren to donate the right of ways for the Burlington Northern :-)

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    • WTB, The superconducting cable running along rail lines sounds appealing but the SC cable still needs a 25' right of way according to American Superconductor. Also, rail lines won't always run where the power sources would be located. Cost is also an issue but American Superconductor claims they may eventually be able to reach price parity with traditional cables. Remember, SC cables need to be keep at -205 Celsius-typically with liquid nitrogen. Nevertheless, a buried cable with 25' right away is an easier backyard proposition then traditional above ground towers.
      -At this point nuclear power plant's need loan guarantees. The history of cost and time overruns makes large investors squeamish. It's interesting to note that John Rowe, the head of Exelon energy, the largest operator of nuclear power plants in the US, was also a top bundler for Obama. Is nuclear good or bad? I'm not sure.

    • Pull your head out. The Tea Party and Republicans???? What a bunch of bull. It all comes down to the mighty buck. The party one belongs to is helpless to make the things happen we need. Get the government out and let good ole American know how get the job done. President Obama will not be able to do what you want him to.

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