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  • jeff5tg jeff5tg Mar 29, 2011 2:46 PM Flag

    If ZBB went down as much as AONE today


    suggest looking at percentage changes rather than absolute dollar changes. Buying ZBB at this moment is sort of a flip of the coin as I see nothing recently to support optimism other than hopes. If you are lucky some decent news will turn up before you get tired of waiting or they go broke.

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    • I've had problems posting for days. The short interest has climbed to 550k as of March 15th. I don't suspect we'll see any news this week, but possibly toward the end of next week or the following week. I think several of the positions have been filled and TIER is very busy right now, to the point they are hiring as well.

      All in due time. I will be buying upon each dilution if the stock dips.

      • 3 Replies to mooselope69
      • Moose, welcome back off the ledge :-)

        Seemed like you were getting a little discouraged in your recent postings (not that I disagreed with the sentiment)

        What calendar dates are we looking at for the UL certification?

        I'm fuzzy on whether (and how strongly) it's been "promised" by management and if there's a certain date by which we might theorize that the institutions will get very unhappy if they haven't seen it yet.

        When is the next conference call? I would much rather the management be more proactive and issue a status update on UL cert before the conf call, even if the news is disappointing.

        Other than Tier, I don't think we're going to see much of any significant contract announcements until the UL cert is done.

        Do the Chinese value the UL certs? Might that be holding up those announcements as well?

      • BTW, I've had a fair number of posts fail as well. Dam* Annoying. I hit the feedback link up near the top of the topics summary or message page to complain about it, and I request others that have been impacted do so as well.

        I use the preview message feature and on my last posting was about to use the Back function of my browser to go back to that page and resubmit the posting.

    • My price for buying ZBB is around 60 cents where I bought it before.I'm thinking of buying more aone if it goes much lower.It's now getting close to where BP,Delta, and Ford were.When the news reads they may go out of business,file BK,or ask for a bail out.I just can't see a world without cars,gas,flights,or batteries.

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