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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Mar 30, 2011 9:16 AM Flag

    If ZBB went down as much as AONE today

    Moose, welcome back off the ledge :-)

    Seemed like you were getting a little discouraged in your recent postings (not that I disagreed with the sentiment)

    What calendar dates are we looking at for the UL certification?

    I'm fuzzy on whether (and how strongly) it's been "promised" by management and if there's a certain date by which we might theorize that the institutions will get very unhappy if they haven't seen it yet.

    When is the next conference call? I would much rather the management be more proactive and issue a status update on UL cert before the conf call, even if the news is disappointing.

    Other than Tier, I don't think we're going to see much of any significant contract announcements until the UL cert is done.

    Do the Chinese value the UL certs? Might that be holding up those announcements as well?

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    • Chinese could care less about UL - UL certification is tested for US power voltage and frequency, not Chinese. CSA is used for Canada, and there are several for Europe, like TUV

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      • Thanks.

        Does this then imply some costs (hopefully slight) in redesign/adaptation for International sales?

        What does Australia use ... they had a significant test there that recently completed.

        Any insight into cost in time or materials? I would guess this commonplace for the "Big Boys," but for a small company like ZBB maybe it's more of a issue.

    • My only concern now is it's taken so long to get the China announcement that some folks may be waiting for the news to sell their positions and get out and maybe the pop won't be so great. The short term frustrations for all I'm sure should pay off big time by year end as long as they stay on track with their objectives.

    •, not to the ledge, just was annoyed. Still a bit frustrating, but I understand where things are at now so I can live with it. Hopefully the time frame on the UL of end of 3rd Q stays on track. I also agree not much is coming on the ZBB side till the Telecom PECC is out and then into V3...TIER is really bustling and the integration is going well with more people being hired. I think we will see something out of Asia on the China deals late next week or early the following week.

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