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  • mooselope69 mooselope69 Apr 4, 2011 9:54 AM Flag

    Nice contract win for ZBB with Army and Eaton

    500 kw! That doesn't seem like big news on the front, but the fact that the partnership with Eaton has finally resulted in something could be massive!

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    • Not saying all of those aren't valid points, but by the time China steals and duplicates V3 Zess ZBB will be on V5.

    • Ever read Krugman? They both have stumbling blocks in their growth paths. Though the impediments are different.

      We may have picked the wrong dance partner w/ China. But they must feel that they picked the wrong partner too. Turns out the dance was the prom and we got in the back seat and forgot the rubber.........

      Loan me a little and you've got leverage over me. Loan me a lot and I've got leverage over you. Neither nation dares to be toooooo bold. We've become mutualistic.

      A penny for your thoughts:
      China has an aggressive history of inviting in companies w/ desirable tech (think high speed rail, google, etc). Force the company to hook up w/ a Chinese partner for manufacturing. Expropriate the tech via the manufacturer or just plain steal it. Tweek it, then produce it for themselves and finally compete w/ the original manufacturer in the world market.
      Who thinks you can win at a table that uses loaded dice. Seems like the potential market is just so darn big that our Corps are willing to be abused for the opportunity to suck some cash flow out of em................

    • great. I'll check dozens of companies named Allied Ventures. Maybe I'll start with the one registered in HK that does adventure gaming in the Philippines. Then I'll check out the one in California that does garbage recycling. Maybe then I'll check out Allied Venture - no "s" - that does business exclusively in Latin America. <eyeroll>

      If you had actionable intelligence, you'd be a fool to post it, unless you just want to pump the stock to cover a position. Unless you are simply lacking in ethics, which I suppose could be the case too.

      I'd rather get a tip on who's gonna win the Kentucky Derby next month. My money is on The Factor

    • I thought you said news was coming out a couple weeks ago?? Also you were a week off on Eric's traveling to Asia....

    • intheknow Apr 4, 2011 9:25 PM Flag

      try Allied Ventures.check its parent.

    • I also like India...It's not about choosing the right dance partner it's about choosing them all ;)

    • Moose,
      I thought that Eaton helped develop the PECC. Was I wrong about that? This is simply the first sale under the MOU of 2008. Hopefully, now that the PECC is certified Eaton can sell more Zess units along with its other varied product line.

      But you are correct about one thing. It has been a long wait since 2008 for a sale to occur.

    • Try reading my post again. I never said nothing can come from over there. Secondly, I lived and worked in China for almost 15 years, so I guess, you know, I sort of have a clue about US companies doing business over there. You talk like a JV is a done deal, and I see nothing to indicate that yet. Their first attempt at one, albeit with different management, was a failure, and again, knowing China like I do, I know that that failed venture could bite them in the keister. Any new JV, if one is imminent, takes formal approval by the Chinese government, certainly not an automatic approval, and a surrender of IP due to China's indigenous innovation requirements for technology joint ventures. And that scares me quite a bit.

      Feel free to fluff the stock and get excited; I hope you're right and like you O
      I hope ZBB becomes a runaway success. I'm just a lot more pragmatic about things than most, and I see an easier path to profitability in the US and the west than in China. The business environment over there right now, for western companies, is as bad as it's been for as long as I can remember.

      I hope you're right and I am wrong.

    • If China performs as usual, and ZBB's storage solution is good enough, They will find a way to
      1) manufacture there or
      2) steal the technology
      3) both

      Maybe ZBB should be looking to licence the technology rather than think they are going to play the big dog's game in his own yard.

      A bit pessimistic but.......... worth a bit of banter.

    • What is the $ amt of the contract?
      When will it be delivered?
      How will they finance the receivable?
      (we know the customer is a slow payer)
      The announcement tells us none of these things.

      • 2 Replies to racecar_00
      • The contract is about $400,000 based upon ZBB's last power point presentation. I don't think the V3 is shipping until September, 2011. There will be equity sales in coming months to feed the cash burn and finance receivables.
        That being said, this is still an important sales channel that could lead to many micro-grid sales contracts.

      • Why do they need to tell you the dollar value. That is never gonna happen. Why do they need to tell you when it's gonna be delivered and how they are gonna finance it...ya know, b/c most contracts company's announce state You must not have had a position and are now trying to get it back down...wait till some China news come.

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