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  • sbsgps sbsgps Apr 15, 2011 7:53 PM Flag

    Drove PAST ZBB & TIER

    No offense Jeff, but you think too much like a lot of people in this country who right now don't have a pot to p--- in! Too many people think that just because they have a big pay check means they can go around flaunting how much money they make. We all know this is immature and is a sign of someone who is in desperate need of acceptance and attention. I was a district sales manager for a large company in Milwaukee. I sold expensive power supplies that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and made very good money at it. Our engineering manager (MSOE Grad)
    rode a Harley Davison motorocycle and a beat up old 1995 Chrysler. Our top mechanical engineer also an MSOE Grad and a PE, drove an old Dodge Charger. Our top design engineer still drives a beat up old pick-up truck that constantly needs repair. They all make top pay for their professions. By the way, I presently drive a 2007 Scion XA that gets roughly 42 miles to the gallon. Start thinking about people like Warren Buffet, here is a guy that still lives in a modest home in Omaha, Nebraska and drives a modest car. He can have anything he wants. The difference between people like him and people who think like you is, they work very very hard for their money, live modestly, don't flaunt their wealth but instead share it with others less fortunate.

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