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  • jeff5tg jeff5tg Apr 16, 2011 6:01 AM Flag

    Drove PAST ZBB & TIER


    Seriously, could not care less what you think would be interesting as it is clear you have no experience. If I tend to lack patience I do. Too many things to do and too little time. If you do not think that one can gain insight from observation or that after enough observations there tend to be patterns which although not perfect have a good probability of repeating that is
    Ok with me. If you think my observation was tainted by prior knowledge I suggest it was more complete.

    Take what you want from my comments. The sharing of them was presented free if charge.

    Before you get disturbed feeling upset that my comments conflict with your long position recognize that I am also long significantly although significant is relative.

    Forget about it. As far as you are concerned I did not drive past the facility, did not observe anything pleasing or not pleasing. Now feeling better?

    Before leaving I just reread your post to determine if I am being to nasty. No you are a naive idiot. When you go look at a facility you see different things than in a picture. You see the beer can on a lawn and try to decide if it came from a roofer or an employee and how many days it was there. You look at the employees and their appearance. You get a feel for these and other things. Businesses give off indications of how they are doing. This paragraph is just a comment on an idiot kid and not about ZBB.

    This topic is deleted.
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