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  • mooselope69 mooselope69 Jun 8, 2011 10:43 AM Flag

    Nice, 700k additional dollars

    They are working over there that is for sure. They also could expand that facility to become a manufacturing facility for SE asia and Australia when the time comes.

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    • after reading the whole release, I think that the money towards research is a very positive trend, and that the execution of the Honam agreement, underway at ZBB facilities in Australia, exemplifies the progress this company if making to leverage their products and technology, globally.

      Australia is kind of self-funding and leveraging with Honam.

      Wisconsin, maybe the same, only with Eaton.

      Establishing capacity, procuring materials and components, does not require significant capital in ZBB's production roadmap.

      Level of activity on two sides of the globe, for ZBB, increasing, one would imagine.


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      • The price action and lack of volume is very peculiar. That 700k is basically 1 million less shares on the market, the 3 million from Honam is like 3.5 million less on the market.

        By my calculations they need very little cash to get through another quarter. If they get enough receivables built up they may be able to get bank financing.

    • Were there specifics of how much of Asia "area" manufacturing would be done by Honam? Would guess that they would have economies of scale that ZBB couldn't touch in Austealia.

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