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  • sbsgps sbsgps Sep 16, 2011 10:23 AM Flag

    New Order for ZBB

    It would be nice to see the market respond possitively to some of these sales, once in awhile.

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    • Its completely ridiculous. No matter what ZBB does the stock doesn't want to climb and break out and one missstep and the stock gets pounded. Absurd. One more round of dilution this year and another March of next year and they may be good to go from there.

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      • This new order is perfect! So much so, I bought more today as well, yesterday and the day before. I have been shaking the couch for more $$$ to buy. If money grew on trees, I would throw that into the zbb chipper. If you can think through the potential across all their product lines and markets, and don't buy today; then sorry but you are not right in the head as an investor.

        Please don't ever post to this board about should of; could of; would of. If the baby in the TD waterhouse doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger nor should you. If you have not bought over the last few days, I question your vision of the future and investment skills. You will have proved to yourself that you live in the fear and manipulation meme and deserve exactly what you get - money in the bank earning negative interest. After zbb takes off, I will buy you a six month supply of "Depends" as you come from your fear soiled pants into the realization of holly cow I could of should of would of and soil your pants continually as you ponder What IF.

      • Nobody wants to see the value of their investment diluted in the hopes it might pay off in the future. This relatively new company in an uncertain industry. Given the uncertainty of long established institutions, the market wants to see results before taking a chance, which sucks because you need those investment dollars to have a chance, so it's a catch 22. Market probably figures if they can make it against the odds then they are worthy of survival in a survival of the fittest market.

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