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  • soccertese2006 soccertese2006 Nov 14, 2011 9:19 AM Flag

    1.6 million in revenues for Q1!!

    only $226,107 was product
    $1,411,750 was Engineering and development, is that repeatable? included Completed V3 (ZBB Enerstore™) product development milestone under the Honam development agreement, resulting in $1.2 million of revenue

    can't say it was a great or even good qtr but wasn't expecting much since commercialization is supposed to be in 2012.

    WHAT'S in the inventory?

    this qtr will have more product sales but question is when will they achieve breakeven.

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    • Original model last year was break even at 2 years. There are a lot of closed orders and by the looks of it almost none of it was recognized in Q1 when looking at revenue breakdown vs closed deals. Appears on track for another 1.6 million burn rate quarter? Gets them into 2012 easily with no additional capital.

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      • Re: "new guy on the BOD with a background in finance"

        always good news ... but we really have no idea what could happen in the capital markets.

        If the "Super committee" doesn't come up with something meaningful,

        if Europe really can't get its act together


        stuff happens.

        So if you're super prudent, you might raise capital "when you can for sure" instead of at the last minute when you have no idea how available "credit" might be.

        No idea what the odds are that it would happen earlier than seems likely, I just don't think they're 0.

      • moose,
        you realistically think they want to go out on sales calls with barely a qtr's cash in the bank?
        have no idea why you are fixated on dilution when you expect them to go to $30.

        sales and gross margins are important. when they start delivering the v3 battery

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