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  • tfidrych tfidrych Nov 19, 2011 12:27 PM Flag

    AXPW, and exactly what are we ULing?

    The UL listing is for the PECC or Enersection as it's now called. UL certificate is required for devices that connect to the grid-not the battery. One important role of which is to prevent the system from back feeding into the power grid during an outage and electrocuting repair people. There was a poster, Loama319, a while back that pointed out that UL certification is not needed when the device is located behind the fence. The fence could refer to substations, power generation station, oil platforms, etc. Thus, power cube won't need UL for these applications. Unfortunately, ZBB's high powered Enersection models are just starting the UL process-although is should be much faster given that they are based upon the low power model. So in situations where another battery manufacturer needs a UL approved unit, ZBB is there to provide a battery agnostic inverter/controller solution. Battery agnostic is the key word as different storage situations dictate a variety of batteries depending upon the desired characteristics.

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    • i'm no techie but a lot of companies in the microgrid/inverter biz. until things sort themselves out, i think the avg investor is more interested at how good the company is at hype, who the management/investors/board/partners/cash are than the "what if" speculation.
      just my opinion. i assume the HONAM deal is intended to get their batteries out in the field as soon as possible and not depend on only the U.S. market.

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      • Thanks, I'm a little slow on the update sometimes.

        Juggling the concept of using electric Grid as one of many power inputs to say a data center, as opposed to combining a number of inputs, say, battery, solar, wind to deliver power TO the Grid.

        The UL is on the inverter that ties to the Grid, not the "Entersection system" ... is that correct? The UL is kinda the ante to play poker with the big bad Grid.

        So if it's rated 25 KW, that is the max in to or out from the Grid from any one inverter.

        I have no feel for if that's a LOT of power or not. Would it run a typical 3 story office building? A small neighborhood?

        Where I get confused is it appears from the some of the materials that you could have multiple Grid tied "inputs" for more power to be delivered to an application. Is that right? The "low power" one says it accepts up to 250 KW which would imply 10 of the 25 KW inverters (although the pdf says it can only have 8 units, so if for now if you can only use 25 kW units, that's a problem :-( And don't you need at least one unit to deliver the "output?"). The high power one says 125 to 2000 Kw "loads."

        One might have assumed that that the "Enersection system" might have to be UL certified that even if accepts multiple grid tied inputs and power from other "alternative" sources, that it would never somehow "reverse" (say if the Grid had a massive blackout?) and deliver more that 25 kW "back into the Grid" through any one Inverter. I take it that's the Inverters job, not the "Enersection's" job so the Enersection doesn't have to be UL tested also.

        Unfortunately, the "high power PECC" page doesn't have a linked PDF like the lower power one does, so I can't tell what's the minimum or maximum inverter size for that one is, or how many units it can have.

        I noted also (from the PDF) that the max charge and discharge per "unit" are different by a factor of 50 or 100 per cent depending on which way you look at it! That surprised me, and I'm not exactly sure which is the charge and discharge.The uninitiated might think I might accept a charge from the Grid, and this discharge it to the data center.

        BTW, that diagram really needs to be updated to use the new product names!

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