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  • jeff5tg jeff5tg Nov 22, 2011 7:24 AM Flag



    been considering your idea ZBB will evolve towards a rent to own strategy and I agree along with just a lease and/or financing provided option. There was a firm that made plastic pallets and had trouble selling them They started providing financing and leases and it worked. I think their financing partner was GE Cap which is the entity the new guy on the BOD ran. Additionally if there comes an ITC of 30% for energy storage (see Soc's prior link to bill introduced in Washington) the 30% equals the necessary equity throwing the door open. Firms do this with wind-farms, airplanes, etc. This product is small and there are business opportunities for folks here as seen by the last announced sale. Figure out the numbers, product and target market and throw up a web site and call then users. Sell them the idea and either get a fee for doing it or own the machine and lease it to them. I think we are already seeing the infancy of this. If I were younger, lived near you and had a hot electrical engineer also I would be seeing if you wanted to throw up a web site and do a little marketing. See what happens. Product that causes positive cash inflows, former GE cap head to ask for help and maybe a coming 30% ITC - what else does one hope for - luck?

    Business is just after tax cash flows and it is greatly promising that a bunch of engineers got a money guy on board. He is also a better quality money guy than one would expect for a business this size. Hope he starts to see the potential from his restricted stock and take an active roll.

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    • Moose I agree with you that I thought Qbama might shake things up but have become rather disallusioned about the whole mess. Super Committee should be all fired as if they were working for the average general corp. Doing nothing usually means loosing your job. Even in my union no work no job was my standard. Was president for 15 years. However we don't need a tea party president either. Remember the millionaires who said raise my taxes, they have no fear either. They are right in both raising some taxes & lowering some budgets to help relieve some of the pressure.

      LONG & STRONG Yes it was off topic but what the heck.

    • I think what we ought to do is launch our own tea party but call it something decent and get 10s of thousand of people to protest in front of every state capital building in the US and either demand resignations or action from our politicians. Keep building up the protests until something happens. I've had it with these politicians. A super committee is in charge of one thing and can't do it, so fire them like any other American worker would be fired if they couldn't do the job! I know it's totally off topic...but I'm just extremely annoyed.

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      • it's the tea party elected republicans that are at an impass with the democrats.

        they're doing what they were elected to do.

        the reality is we have a very divided country and way too much power in the senate. but i totally agree letting your representatives know how you feel. if this was a parliamentary system, we'd have new elections with very little campaigning. that would pressure compromise.

        our system is insane, better qualified candidates won't run. what form of gov can function where one or 2 senators can create deadlock for years?

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