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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Nov 30, 2011 10:59 AM Flag

    Buy a bit more now or wait for a cheaper price?

    Imagine IF they have something with Viridity like AXPW just announced coming relatively soon.

    Receiving monthly checks for selling "UPS" and or Alternative power back to Grid on demand creates a lot of opportunities for financing both for customer contracts to be added to the backlog, and with a better backlog and firm contracts, financing for capital needed for production.

    My theory is we need some orders from customers with rock solid balance sheets to improve our chances of reasonable "financing."

    The AXPW Powercube has a very fast response time, and I'm not at all clear how fast an Enersection, with or without a V3 Battery could respond. Also, the first (imminent!!???) UL is for 25 kW, and the minimum allowed under the new FERC regulations in 100 kW. The AXPW news came "out of the blue;" we should be so lucky as to have something similar.

    I sent ZBB an email on Monday asking what other inverter sizes were in UL testing, and whether they were in parallel or sequential testing, but so far, no answer (or any indication that's not something they can answer)

    Seems like a simple question to reply to one way or the other, so I'm disappointed about the lack of response so far.

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