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  • uqmpower uqmpower Dec 7, 2011 9:14 AM Flag

    Get Ready for News from ZBB Energy

    Either it will be a temporary setback to keep stock down for insiders or more likely positive news that could provide more support for the stock price.

    China pollution front page NewYorkTimes.
    Oil in forefront.
    Broad need for ZBB products.
    Eaton and Honam have secured their place.
    Eaton needs to be more transparent in their commitment, though for competitive reasons, up until now, they stay hush.
    Honam currently "floating ZBB"?
    Would not be surprised to see them buy stock.
    Ready to hear of results from newly hired "team".
    or do they need more time to load up on shares?

    ZBB has news pending.

    Ready for news regarding: capital raise, China business, Korea backlog, UL, Eaton, new geographies, Tier production orders, new partners, interest from Utilities and companies like Johnson Controls.

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    • I've actually been looking to see if the float went up b/c of a tranche. No idea if that occurred, but this has certainly followed very similar patterns in the past when Socius had to sell to stay under 10% (they did some shorting to help push it down further) then ZBB issued the tranche, raised some capital and the float went up and we didn't know it.

    • One would presume they did not have to do an SEC filing to put out a presentation. One would draw an assumption they did it so wallstreet would take a look at it and see the caliber of talent they now have on this team and what they are doing. A bit of marketing VIA SEC filing? No?

    • When did I ever say that UL was not going to be HUGE or a BIG competitive advantage. What I said VERY CLEARLY was the KW Hour Certification they are currently getting is a start, but certainly not the game changer for the company. When they get the whole set of them UL Certified that is a VERY BIG DEAL. THE V3 COMING OUT SO THERE IS SOME REASON TO USE THE UL IS A BIT MORE IMPORTANT...NO?

      Perhaps we should focus our ZBB conversations on whether or not Helen Brown is still there and the stock is halted at some future point for some future reason.

    • More flavor or not, I don't drink beer.

      Zbb ....on the other hand. We didn't determine who the seller was and now that there seems to be some accumulation, we cannot decipher who might be doing that.

      While it may fun to speculate who that might be, some here would criticize that guess.

    • u seem conflicted.

      the CEO seems to think UL will be a big competitive advantage and differentiator.

      do you really follow this?

      BTW: why would they file on the new investor presentation?


      when have they had to file on a presentation before?

      Scampini, EVP of "Special Projects"....?

      Stank. on the board?

      keep insisting you know of what you post.

    • The UL for the current KW getting certified is not that big of a deal. Perhaps more important than you posting about the stock getting halted and all the wonderful things Eaton is doing for ZBB...not sure where thats at since they had to go out of the country with Honam to make the product better, but anyway.

    • exactly is the reply to wtblanch question to mooselope about his nonsense.

      his subsequent post have made no sense either.

      I am bullish ZBB regardless of all the hand- wringing and contradictions going on with mooselope "69" and himself.

      bring on intuitive insights and new info. enough of the social outreach.


      ZBB might just "Kill It"

      UL not relevant...LOL

      and now it's for the telecom....keep up that great DD.

      a little threatened and defensive of other posters on your yahoo MB?


      up 10% today?


    • exactly.

    • It's clearly both. That KW version for UL is not that big of a deal for most of their products. I'm guessing that is for telecom PECC installations, which won't need grid tie anyway. Without the V3 there is no future shipping with or without UL. Now if they got all three of their UL's at the same time, that's a different story, that means as soon as V3 is released it's ready to be tied to the grid. So then you have a huge pop on all 3 ULs (which isn't gonna happen, just pie in the sky talk) and then V3 or V3 and couple days later all three ULs. Can you say new 52 week high in one or two days.

    • "Not relevant?"


      "He said about 3 weeks. Wouldn't that be something if all the sizes were approved same day...that would be a 50% to 100% gainer for the stock in one day."

      Which is it?

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