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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Jan 6, 2012 10:28 AM Flag

    UL Approval on or about Jan 12

    People you talk to at companies will sometimes tell you (perfectly legal) stuff, but not want to be quoted by name. My guess is this is the case here.

    Sometimes it's just their best guess or opinion, but as Eric hopefully has learned the hard way, saying anything "for publication" that you don't 100% control is just not worth it.

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    • geeze, someone just ask....

      Eric Apfelbach
      President & CEO
      Mobile: (608) 576-7549 • Office: (262) 253-9800 x 123

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      • I'm quite sure the CEO of a company does not want message board posters blowing up his cell phone over the weekend asking him about the UL. When it comes it comes. Why not focus on the sweet stuff like registration complete, another sale in Florida and it appears manufacturing is ready in China this quarter, the big technology company takinga stake in the company...etc. We have had all that news and the stock has not folks are still buying, just ask the folks at Marathon.

        On top of all that, ZBB already has UL certification, they are just waiting on the sticker. For anyone following the company at this point, it's done, for folks outside the company the press release will get people jumping on board and spike the stock up so if some folks here want to get out they can. The questions becomes, at what point does it take off and does not come back down, but goes higher and breaks out past that 52 week high and catches folks with their pants down who sold scrambling to get back in.

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