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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 May 16, 2012 2:05 PM Flag

    Sales Funnel v. Backlog

    Not to be confused with Spy Vs. Spy :-)

    So on the investor tab we have
    May 09, 2012
    Baird 2012 Growth Conference Presentation - May 9, 2012
    View Presentation 14.6 MB,-2012

    3rd slide from the end there's one titled

    "Product Sales Funnel and Backlog"

    Some interesting data, but by adding "Sales Funnel" makes it kinda "squishy."

    Interesting, but squishy.

    Not to mention the Backlog chart focuses on EnerStores but I presume the Funnel includes both EnerStores and EnerSections.

    Guess I should be happy to get some kind of "data," but I think they could have done a better job on this. One wonders what kind of questions they got on this slide, and whether they had enough time to really discuss it during the presentation.

    And I guess I should be happy they were selected by Baird to present.

    Frequently you will see links to the audio to these types of things, but I'm not spotting one with a cursory look ... anyone know whether there is one?

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    • i assume pipeline = bids they have submitted or are working on.
      doubt they would mention specific bids for competitive reasons but i think they broke it down well.

      for all my negativity, have to say that presentation is on the surface quite impressive as is ERIC, their alliances and marketing efforts.

      fwiw, besides the sales potential for ZBB, at the minimum there's value in comparing their pipeline to their competitors.

    • I haven't seen an audio, but would like to hear it if it exists. Another interesting dichotomy was the language change on the military slide (slide 18) which referred to the contract with Eaton as awarded and all the other contracts as booked.

      "adding "Sales Funnel" makes it kinda 'squishy.'"

      It would appear to me that these are projects that ZBB is currently bidding ...

      ZBB has stated before that they expect the split on sales to be approximately 50/50 from PECC and Batteries ... Haven't been able to confirm this in the numbers yet.

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