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  • doc.science13000 doc.science13000 Nov 11, 2013 6:45 AM Flag

    Finally sold out.

    Well I must admit that I finally sold out May 30th for my 120k shares at .20. After averaging down and holding since June I made a measly $350. Anyway, I lost confidence in mgmt. On another note i still plan on attending the CC and annual meeting. If Jeff5tg or TBULL wanna meet in person at RBG Grill to settle our differences face to face id be glad to. Just name the time. You guys have awaken the lion. #Syria #Iran #Lebanon

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    • Wow, what a wacko. You pump to the board how great your meeting was with Eric and then you sold. Amazing you managed to break even selling at .20......LMAO.... Then you challenge everyone to a fight to settle their differences... The asylum is calling and they want Doc Science back!

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      • @Moose I brought originally 50K at 28 cents in May. Then when the price tanked in Oct. I brought another 70K at .13-.135. Then miraculously it popped back up Oct.30th and I couldn't resist to get out of my position. Especially since there's been no sales in 6 months and i know Eric doesn't want to sell. Learned my lesson about investing in micro caps. This new guy Theodore has barely has any holdings. Just another proxy for mgmt. Anyway, I wish things were different but their not. I really liked the company. Just lost confidence in their execution. Don't wish them any bad luck,

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    • Dude, layoff the lutefisk...

    • LOL at this guy? Dude, did you forget to take your meds today? You are not making much sense.

      Isn't this the guy that said he went out to lunch with Eric? If I remember correctly that lunch was only a few weeks ago. And now he sells all his shares?! Ha, ha. That's probably not a good sign.

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      • I meant I sold Oct.30th. Me and Eric agreed to disagree on how to best move forward. I recommended to sell and he wants to increase market cap to sell in the 3-4 year horizon. I told him "who would want to spend a few million with someone that is not certain to be around in the near future. Anyway, I am just one man and no one else is agitating for changes at ZBB so I decided to move forward. Eric is really waiting for the CPUC thing but that is about a year away before bids are even submitted. I don't have that much time to wait. The clock is ticking....

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