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  • plantsman plantsman Jul 7, 1999 10:16 PM Flag

    This stock looks strong,

    came out(posted on yahoo) after the market closed(4:35).

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    • plantsman: Upgrade was posted on SI board
      yesterday morning, so it came out way before the close. I
      believe the lack of response was due to twpo things.
      Number one, market was skittish yesterday in the wake of
      YAHOO earnings, and that does not bode well for a new
      issue...Also, LTNX needs coverage by a reputable and well known
      firm. It will move on an upgrade from Merrill, DLJ,
      Paine Webber, etc. JMHO...

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      • Can someone help with this? What niche does LTNX
        have over Verisign (VRSN). For example, VeriSign is
        the only digital certificate provider that is
        authorized to issue Global 128-bit Web site certificates for
        worldwide browser connections, and the only provider with
        128-bit technology embedded
        in Microsoft and Netscape
        browsers (since version 4.0).
        Where does LTNX fit in? I
        would like to invest but other than some government
        contracts, who would use their product that isn't already
        using Verisign?

    • Wednesday July 7, 11:00 pm Eastern

      Company Press Release

      Litronic Appoints CTC as
      Distributor for Japanese

      Japanese Market
      Thrives as Major Internet Security Opportunity

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      • The foundation for Litronix is emerging. Coverage
        w/Strong Buy recommendation coupled with the Companies
        announcement today that CTC will be marketing internet
        products in Japan (revenue ++) points to strong future
        performance. Litronix is following the current IPO pattern of
        a dip followed by an upwards spike. Volume will
        drive this issue.