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  • bhawks444 Jan 21, 2010 9:32 PM Flag

    2 day selloff,both on big volume!!!

    Excellant observation. I have definitely chaged my view since yesterday with the dollars continued rise and the posible failure by some to repay debt. China's inflation will no doubt rise like India's and they will be forced to further tighen. This will further intensify the fear factor.
    We'll see. The markets came pretty far pretty fast with no real correction. This could be the big one....Just a thought

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    • not gonna happen anytime soon.. could happen in 3rd or 4th quarter of 2010.. for now there is just too much money printed.. smart boys are buying this little correction

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      • bhawks444 Jan 21, 2010 10:21 PM Flag

        I've been saying the same thing as you for some time but when people get scared they will pull all that liquidity that has been invested and making big profits out and protect it. Alot of people lost alot of money just 10 months ago I don't think they'll be as patient espectially when everyones being told the buy and hold it strategy is the way of the past. Just my thinking. Just playing devils advocate here. Don't listen to me...what do I know. I sounded like you just last night.

      • Juicy dont leave the board.Maybe ET can help you make your money back.He's lookin for you!

      • There will be some swings without a doubt but if you are suggesting that smart money is going to load up for another move at the current levels I would say no. The trend is too decisive to the downside for an immediate reversal imo.

        Asia is in free fall in concert with the U.S. - the next pause will be for reloading Bear trades. Bulls will have to wait for the all clear down the road.

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