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  • pointclickproblemsolved pointclickproblemsolved Jun 16, 2010 5:53 PM Flag

    Traders Positions?

    I took a small position in EDZ for tomorrow.

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    • Point you may be the big winner tomorrow. Futures down and quadruple witching. We could lose 2% on the S&P tomorrow.

      I bet Ed is still holding EDZ thinking the world is coming to an end, cmeg is in cash I think, Bruce only types <at a third grade level> and doesn't trade with his $15,000 <no spelling classes in the ghetto>, Doc walked away mad at fgiholloway for his idiotic post, and I am stuck in EDC for the long run.

      Does anybody know about the EDC dividend?

      Broose, dew ewe no enything abowt thu EDC divedend?

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      • phd1988_yale,

        what does that make you? that makes you the BIGGEST IDIOT and I will tell you EXACTLY WHY... Because you are the one that'll get caught holding the bag in the morning after the futures turn bloody red overnight... and we got jobless claims coming out too at 8:30am ...

        what in the world where you thinking holding EDC overnight???

        and you are trying to judge me??? thank you, I am doing just fine, but you won't, especially in the morning after the marklet tanks overnight.

      • edwardzak Jun 17, 2010 9:07 AM Flag

        phd I don't think world comming to an end I think markets are over valued to what reality is but forces that maybe have kept this going and admmittedly have missed oppertunitys I can't sit in front of a pc all day like most of you theres more to life than money I've done well with gold stocks over the last 10 years bought ticker GOLD 800 shares @ 7.50 now @ 92.+ not all gold stocks I've owned have done as well but still very happy .will admit EDZ is more of a trading stock but nothing is a loss or a gain until you get out and hoping to get out soon maybe even at a loss but will trade my own trade no one is ever 100% but i wish you luck any way

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