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  • mabus_rising mabus_rising Dec 25, 2008 12:20 PM Flag

    In 6 shorts weeks, a depression will be announced


    The BK environment will be like a pathogen sweeping across the land.
    The retail closings will outdo even what Bloomberg reported.
    It is unknown what effect this depression will have long term on the consumer, but with a reported 50k stores closed in 2009, I suspect the numbers do not reflect another sad reality
    When a home goes into foreclosure, it brings down the neighborhood comps.
    When a retail store is surrounded by empty space once rented, it brings down the whole shopping mall and has a very scary effect on the consumer.
    Every empty store front is a reminder to consumers not to spend.
    That is why there is as much a domino therory effect in retail as there is in banks.
    This consumer coma will last for awhile .
    I call it the Retail zombie effect.

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    • You negative nellies crack me up! Question for ya...when the entire world economy is decimated, how much will all of your gains from SKF be worth?

      Yep, A BIG FAT ZERO! Keep up the negativity, you may just get what you want. Obama=Carter...real inspirational. Long live the USA!

    • Depression will never be announced. Even if it becomes obvious to those most in denial.

      Announcement of a depression would signal to the masses that govt and finance have lost control. It would be seen as a kind of capitulation or admission that govt was not able to hold off depression. This would result in masses losing faith that their leaders can contain the situation. That leads to loss of power as the masses no longer follow, trust or obey the powers that be.

      Admission of a depression ain't gonna happen IMHO.

      • 1 Reply to wild.jackass
      • Admission has already happened. The head of the IMF said the D word 3 days ago
        Also, the announcement could be from the media, not the White House. The media is talking depression non stop.
        Depression is what it is. Lets call a spade a spade.
        This is a new, scary type of depression. It don't look like the 30's, but it sure as hell is depressing.
        The unemployment rate where I live is about 14%, even though the official number is 9%
        People are so saddled by debt and fear that they are in rotten moods all day.
        There may not be meatless weeks, bread lines and a dust bowl, but look at consumer debt..
        We are screwed for a good number of years...

    • We may not actually be in one but I imagine Obama will announce that we are so he can place all the blame on Bush. I'm not trying to absolve Bush. I just think Obama will use any tactic he can to take credit for the smallest recovery. Personally, I think presidents get too much credit for boom times and too much blame for recessions. Most of it is nothing more than market cycles and sometimes they are worse or better than others. This one happens to be worse. Could some of it been prevented? Yes, but we can trace the roots back beyond Bush. So, yes, the word depression will be used by Obama... true or otherwise.

    • Maybe no one is aware that Sec. Hank Paulson is trying to stop Ms. Sheila Bair from shutting down more banks. So far, with success!

      Ms. Bair has made herself known in the public and a rising star in D.C. by shutting down Indymac in mid-July. One year ago, no one could even tell what the FDIC was doing and who was running the show at that agency.

    • I believe the greed of the rich is more powerful then the fear of the poor!
      For those of u well versed in the history of economics u should know that great social changes often accompany great economic upheaval.
      With the kind of economic chaos most of u are predicting that would indicate a sweeping societal change as well! Are u saying the usa will be swept from power? to be replaced by who? certainly not the chinese they will face their own doom soon enough! China w3ill be in a power struggle that will destroy the current regime i am sure of that.
      I think the usa will not be swept from power-rather the opposite- the USA will consolidate and grow enormous like a fat "jabba the hut"
      I say long term the usa will win and so will the rich and the wise!
      This is a much needed shaking out of deadwood!
      This is not a civilization destroying macro event!!
      China may be the big loser here. They may go the way of 1930's argentina(history buffs know what happened there!)

    • The Mall owner, city or state need to make these empty space available as community rooms or learning exchanges. This is one way to make good use of the space and to bring traffic to the existing stores.

    • is'nt mabus an anagram for USA? any way u sure r negative i hope ur 100% wrongo!
      just like nostradamus was!

    • I share your optimism! LOL

      But any depression won't be announced or publicly acknowledged. Too damaging on the morale of the worker bee taxpayer. The Great Depression wasn't acknowledged by fed govt until at least 3 years in. Not long ago, someone posted a link here to old press releases from 29-33 showing fed govt dismissal of economic depression.

    • Merry Christmas Mabus,

      Well said and a prediction that will likely play out.

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