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  • hanknmosul hanknmosul Dec 27, 2008 10:00 PM Flag

    Why did Hamas choose now?

    I keep going back to why Hamas chose to escalate their rocket attacks now...

    Are they trying to draw Israeli fire to prevent an Iranian airstrike? They knew it would result in a strong retaliation from the Israelis, and put the Israelis at a political disadvantage if they had been considering a preemptive strike on Iran...

    Makes you wonder..

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    • Why are we breaking our country meddling in other countries affairs?
      We need to concentrate on fixing our country. We are going third world.
      The American people need to come first.Not the Israeli people. Not the Iraqi people.
      We are screwed if we keep playing Flo Nightingale to the world.

    • Or could it be that Iran ordered Hamas to do it so they can put an artificial bottom under oil prices.?

    • You may want to ask if Hamas is really the one's shooting ALL the rockets into Israel.
      Hamas claims 15 rockets. Israel claims hundreds.
      The Israeli secret service is not above augmenting such attacks on its own land in order to promote their cause. Note that the "hundreds" of Hamas missiles have injured no-one
      Both sides lie. I say that the USA should not help either side and let them have their merry war on their own.
      When the US takes a stance in NOT supporting either side, then both sides will have to deal with each other on an equal basis. The US would also start to repair their image worldwide.
      The US needs to get out of Iraq, sto supporting Israel and start shoring up its own sad and tattered economy and borders.

    • I have relocated back to my room, and just wanted to say, before I call it a night, that Joshua answered my original question some time ago. Egypt brokered the ceasefire back in June, and the fact that this exchange kicked off when it did was nothing more than the termination of the ceasefire agreement, as opposed to some more sinister plan, which was what I was trying to figure out. But if Iran has those S-300's in place, it's a mute point. They'll use up their air force trying to take out those facilities with the S-300s defending them. Israel just finished a wargame with greece, who also has the S-300s, and Israel did pretty good because the S-300s were turned off. Check it out...


      a little insight.....june article but answers question

    • Thanks for the book recommendation and I am sorry about the back surgery. I had a brother go through it, not good!

      Ok, it is really nighty nite time now or I will need a nap tomorrow, besides you are far to articulate to banter with tonight.

    • IMHO Trock oil will be at $50 this time next month and $80 the minute that Israel hits Iran.

      Israel is pissed and it is going to get bad.

    • I agree with you Mark on oil and going to get a lot more of several stocks this coming week. USO really looks good as a backbone position with some 2x and 3x action on the side.

      The overall market has rotten fundamentals as we all know (some even believe it) but if we get a real shooting war the fundamentals can be changed dramatically and quickly through executive action and the instant startup of industrial growth. WW II ramped up industrial production very quickly.

      Just saying what we all know, nothing is certain.

    • although, one thing mr. obama has going for him is he is really very good at speaking. complete 180 from W


    • they don't make em like they used too anymore...


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