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  • loveovervaluedstocks loveovervaluedstocks Feb 13, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    Refiners rising. Bakken oil being shipped to the east coast!

    PBF. TSO near highs. NNA gearing up to ship Canada's tarsand oil to Europe! Help yourself and leave politricks in the toilet!

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    • there 'may' be 10% left , along with the risk of buying the 'top'... Id wait for a pull-back on TSO (and other pure-refiners like HFC,VLO,SUN,PSX,MRO...), ... being a new issue , PBF is in a category of its own

      don't forget tesoro's llp. TLLP ; a high flyin mid-streamer that ships alot of bakken production , but again , careful buying the top ,decide what price you would buy , then wait

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      • By the way, I own no refiners nor NNA. I did own TSO @ $18 at one time. Sold out. I loaded up on BAC between $3 plus and $8, no higher. I own other stuff too. I don't tout them.

        What's remarkable is seeing how this board was so negative when I first came on here in 2009. Everybody was an expert know it all and the stock market being at this stage is the last thing anyone antuicipated, despite being "experts"! Always a yes, but...............

      • I not buying refiners mynew. I'm not buying the refineries, just showing other equities have been working and will continue to work in various forms. The USA can't export oil right now but it's able to export refined products. Canada will be shipping Tarsand oil to Europe which should pressure Brent prices and in turn closing the spread between WTI and Brent. The Crack Spread for the refineries will widen, thus the moves in the refiners. It's not over by any stretch.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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