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  • brasila02 brasila02 Apr 13, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    Ben, Kuroda, Draghi forcing Cypriots to dump their Gold

    To preserve the Fiat system, raises the question, will they force other peripherals Estonia, Lithuania , Latvia? Even further, will they force the PIIGS? or even the BRICS? peripheral Venezuela Argentina Ecuador? Will they force Germany and France to sell their Gold to preserve the fiat system?

    Who's going to buy all that Gold? Unless I see Chindia placing a serious bid, I think Gold goes back to 1980s...Ferd? Kli? Mize? Mynewid222? Pinto? Does Krugman has a point?

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    • They're going off the basis that the globe is printing money and that's inflationary and it's all due to Bernanke, etc. The truth is, we are in a very mature world and the super powers, the USA and Europe, are very ill indeed! When the Cream of the Crop is unhealthy, so too is the money supply to push that inflationary trend.

      You show me where there's the possibility for the masses gaining jobs so they can spend, when they are being replaced through technology automation????? Where's this, too much capital chasing too few goods , inflationary trend going to come from?

    • Cyprus hasn't sold any gold yet I don't think. Gold and other commodities were being pushed by the shadow banks like Goldman, Morgan Stanley, et al. They were pushing high leverage too. The political advice was for all investors to add 10% of their portfolio. Now we are experiencing de-leveraging!!!!! The hedge fund/stock market community used to blame a socialist Obama for their problems but that's bull nonsense!!!!!

      We are in a deflationary trend still and those looking for higher interest rates are stupid and behind the times!!!! I think they have life too easy with paying themselves million$$$$$$$$ with other people's money!!!!

    • will break 1000 and rapidly approach 700 ...if 700 does not hold then the lows of 2002 should hold around will be bloody......I suggest you get out while you still have clothes on.

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